Planning the Perfect Friends Getaway on a Superyacht Charter

Dreaming of taking some time away with your closest companions and living the life of Riley? Whether you want to fall headfirst into the sights of old world Europe or simply spend the summer cavorting around the best beach clubs of the Caribbean, doing it on a superyacht will ensure that every second is heaven sent and planned just the way you want it. Superyacht holidays with friends allow you to skip out on impersonal hotels, to kick cramped city quarters and to truly indulge in the finer things in life without having to compromise.

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Superyachts like MY Starfire are nothing short of a floating oasis offering everything from a spa and cinema onboard so you can live life at your own leisure. When planning the perfect superyacht getaway with friends there are, of course, a few factors that you need to consider ensuring that all goes as swimmingly as diving into the rich hues of tropical waters.

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Choosing the Right Yacht

One of the first things, you will need to do when planning your escape on a superyacht charter is to choose the right yacht that seems to suit your world. Superyachts come in all shapes and sizes and finding the one that matches your dreams can take a little investigation. You need to ensure that the yacht has ample space and enough room for everyone to play and you also need to consider what you want onboard to keep you entertained. Some superyachts are classy and sophisticated making them an ideal choice for wining and dining and moonlit soirees.

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Other yachts are brimming with bespoke tenders and water toys, equipped with cinemas and state of the art sound systems and are perfect for sailing around the coast of Ibiza and indulging in full scale revelry from dusk until dawn. If your friends are joining you with children then you also need to consider whether or not the superyacht is suitable and can be easily adapted into a children’s playground that inspires the imagination. My Starfire can cover all options offering stately surroundings, adventurous toys for exploring the coast and an incredible chef who knows how to make the taste buds sing.

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Choosing the Right Destination

After you have found your dream vessel, you need to make sure that you work with the captain to come up with an itinerary that suits your party. Superyachts cross the seas meaning that the world can truly be your oyster when it comes to finding a place you want to experience. Whether you dream of dining on the citrus grove shores of Southern Italy, of all night partying on the White Island of Ibiza, or of simply soaking up the splendor of nature in Norway, My Starfire can take you there.

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The captain is often a wealth of knowledge when it comes to far flung destinations and they will be able to help you choose something idyllic for everyone. There is little point in sailing to the Mediterranean outside of the balmy months if you are dreaming of midnight swims, sultry beach days and all the olives you can eat. If your friends are the type to get bored of sunbathing quickly then the captain and crew can offer suggestions to keep every moment filled with experiences that delight, from snorkeling coral reefs to chasing whales, cliff diving and hitting the casinos, a superyacht adventure is sure to live true to its name.

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Choosing the Right Way to Fill the Days

Once you have selected the superyacht of the stars and are sailing to your idyllic destination you want to think about ways to fill the days. The best thing about superyachts is the fact that they are tailored to your every whim and desire. Some people may wish to soak up the sun, snooze on the deck, drink world famous wines and indulge in afternoon massages in the spa.

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Others will be thirsty for adventure, whether it is taking the Jet Skis out to explore the coastline, diving into the deep to swim with exotic marine life or water skiing off the back of one of the tenders. Perhaps your friends will dream of stepping ashore in the chicest port towns of the French Riviera, of hiking the hills of Croatia and of swimming in hidden waterfalls veiled in the British Virgin Islands.

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From endless parties to sun-bleached days, gourmet culinary cruises and designer shopping expeditions, you can plan a whirlwind of fun when it comes to MY Starfire and your superyacht escape.

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