Ports to Find Perfect Jewelry on a Luxury Yacht Charter

Diamonds that catch the light and turn it into rainbows, sapphires that sparkle like the ocean in your backyard, emeralds that gleam with all the mystery of the rain forest, and white gold that glitters like the stars of night, the world is full of beautiful things and jewelry is certainly caught up in this wonderful web. Luxury yacht charters are all about embracing the high life. MY Starfire welcomes you to indulge all your senses, whether it be champagne cocktails for breakfast, private gourmet picnics on secluded sands, hiring a personal shopper to hit the port, or throwing a moonlit supper soiree complete with silver service and a live string band on deck, this is living the way you always dreamed of.

For those who are seeking high class destinations boasting some of the most beautiful jewels known to man then you are in luck. From the fast rolling casinos of the glitzy French Riviera to the Gaudi esque color and charm of beautiful Barcelona, these are the best places to drop anchor and start shopping for shimmering gems and precious metals.

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

A place of palaces, luxury yacht charter, celebrity names and waiting lists – Monaco has long been the poster child for perfect immersion in the luxury world. This is the spot to sail into aboard MY Starfire and spend long afternoons sunning yourself on deck with the best champagne before hitting the craps tables, the roulette wheel and the bright lights of night. When you want to splash out on something divinely elegant you will find a plethora of jewelry stores lining the streets of Monte Carlo. All the big names like Chopard, Piaget, Van Cleef and Arpels, and Cartier can be found, and for those seeking something truly exceptional and handmade to order slip into Bernasconi Gioielli for glorious one of a kind pieces to turn heads.

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Barcelona, Spain

Beautiful Barcelona is the ultimate playground for luxury yacht charters seeking lashings of sunlight, a hint of artistic flair and fabulous tapas. Spend your days slinking around the famous eateries of the Barcelona Port, stand in awe at the Sagrada Familia, and ride the Ferris wheel at one of the oldest theme parks in the world. When you tire of drinking Cervaza on the deck of MY Starfire you can hit the city and seek out some of the most original and creative jewelry in the whole of Europe. Barcelona is the artist’s city and the glittering jewels are a firm reminder of this. At Klimt O2 you can find incredible handmade pieces from across the world, showcasing less glitz and more drama. Think pearls and papier mache, plastic bottles and brass, and gold, alexandrite, and diamonds all curated in the most creative display possible.

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Venice, Italy

Gold from Vincenza and gorgeous glass creations from Murano, these are the two hallmarks of jewelry shopping in Venice. The Italian land of masks, magic and mesmerizing canals is always a luxury yacht charters favorite port of call. Where else can you spend mornings drinking rich dark coffee on the deck of MY Starfire, taking the tender to watch lace being spun in Burano or glass blown in Murano, and then spend the afternoons soaking up ancient sites and evenings dancing at masquerade balls. For those who want to find something special Murano jewelry is a must. Duck into the beautiful boutique store of Laberintho and admire the liquid patterns of gold on blow glass, and slip into Nardi for one of those incredible moor head brooches encrusted with jewels.


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Dominican Republic, Caribbean

Dominican Republic days are every bit a luxury yacht charters Caribbean dream, especially for those who are tired of the usual suspects. This is a place where cobblestone streets buzz with Latino life, where the beaches are draped in palm trees and clear blue seas, and where the high adrenaline lands of Punta Cana offer thrill seekers that razor sharp edge they need. From the deck of MY Starfire you can splash, snorkel, hike, sip swim, swing on zip wires, and kayak along one of the world’s most inspiring coastlines. This is not the land of gold and silver but the Dominican Republic boasts some beautiful gems all of their own. The turquoise semi-precious stone Larimar is found here, as is the brilliantly bright and glowing amber. Head to Harrison’s for some of the most upmarket and exquisite choices, where you can find glittering rings studded with moonlit amber or rare black jade.


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