Quantum Zero Speed™ Stabilizer: A Must For Any Superyacht

The Quantum Zero Stabilizer™ has solved the problem of stabilizing vessels underway and at anchor. It is a novel way of using stabilizer fins, and form part of a yacht ride and roll stabilizer system. So, just why do charter customers and buyers ask for it by name? There are several advantages:




  • Because your vessel can anchor anywhere, you are no longer limited by port availability.
  • The stable platform allows for easier launching and retrieval of tenders, water toys and helicopters.
  • It provides a comfortable, safe and stable environment for all onboard.


The Quantum Zero Stabilizer™ is a technological innovation that has shown its merits time and time again. It has many benefits for superyacht charter guests.




One superyacht that enjoys the brilliance of the Quantum Zero Speed™ Stabilizer is MY Starfire. Captain Carl Sputh logged the following:

“Ok, how about this…  1st day of the charter we are underway from Falmouth, Antigua to Green Island time 1330.  Seas 1-3ft…  the galley is in full swing, interior staff setting up for lunch…. You know the game!

Two whales off the Strbd bow 300m out.  We slid right up on them popped on the Zero Speed™ and watched the whales for about an hour. Not once did I think about lunch setup…  and not a glass broke nor was there a whimper from the galley!”




It is clear that the Quantum Zero Stabilizer™ provides a stable environment for guests aboard any yacht where it has been fitted. Not only does it mean more enjoyment from water activities, it also allows one to view scenery and marine life from a still platform, and provides guests with a restful night’s sleep. Not only that, but it makes it easy for the crew to carry out its duties more efficiently, ultimately providing the guests with better service and fewer disruptions.

Next time you charter MY Starfire, enjoy the stability brought to you by its Quantum Zero Stabilizer™.


Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain MY Starfire at MY Starfire
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Captain Carl Sputh