Quiet Superyacht Spots to Seek in the Caribbean This Season

Whilst the shores of Europe bow their heads against the blustery winter winds and barrage of rain, all the luxury yacht charters seem to set sail for the warm waters and gentle murmuring winds of the Caribbean. Christmas, New Year and the wintery months are the high season over in the rum soaked paradise, a place where celebrities frolic upon pale almond white sands, where rum shacks fill you with summery cheer, and where the designer shopping, splashing and playing of world class islands meet your every need. My Starfire loves her winter yacht charter escapes to the Caribbean sun, carrying guests in sublime style to places where they can sip cocktails and fall in love over flaming cocktails, where they can dine on the freshest seafood swimming in spice, where they can wake early in the morning and dive into the blue bliss of the sea, and where every moment is filled with light, laughter, and a love of the finer things. Yet with every superyacht setting sail to greet the shores of the Caribbean you can expect crowds to gather on the shore, those seeking their own piece of paradise without the hordes can take note of these off the beaten track luxury yacht charter spots to drop anchor and call home.

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St Kitts may see the action but only a stone’s throw away you will find the blessed and bejeweled little spot of Nevis. Waking up to the sight of the green flush of mountains with their peaks disappearing into a puff of cloud, the sparkle of the sapphire sea, and the bobbing fishing boats is sure to flood your soul with calm. Nevis delivers a splash of wild Caribbean, it’s a little tangled and untamed but for some this is nothing but poetry. You can snorkel the colorful coral reefs without another soul in sight, you can swing lazily in a hammock sipping rum with the locals, you can read endless books on the sundeck of your luxury yacht charter, and you can catch another side of Caribbean life that is utterly pure and as close to perfect as can be.

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Hailed as the nature isle, Dominica is something a little bit different for those wanting a Caribbean break free from the sugar spun pretty pastels and doused in drama. This is a land of boiling lakes, otherworldly valleys painted in burnt oranges and bloody reds, wild beaches, mighty spiced creole food, intrepid hikes, and a wealth of wildlife. Dominica is certainly not for everyone but for adventurers who want to blend a sublimely blissful stay on a luxury yacht charter with the chance to uncover a lost paradise, Dominica is your girl. Snorkel and splash around Champagne Reef, picnic on the crest of mighty thundering falls, and take the tender of My Starfire out to chase legendary sperm whales across the white tipped sea.

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Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos

Salt Cay is barely even a slip of an island, in fact it is more like a thread unspooled in the water. With only sixty residents, a single town, and barely a way of getting there, this is as off the beaten track as you could hope to get in the Caribbean. There are beautiful beaches with barely another footprint in the sand, roaming wild donkeys, ruins and old Salinas ebbing with salt, wetlands for kayaking, and endless hiking. The island is simple but traveling on My Starfire means that you don’t have to leave any ounce ofluxury behind. You can alternate your days between intrepid discovery and being pampered onboard. Catch delectable fish out in the deep sea and ask the Chef of your luxury yacht charter to create something astounding for supper, snorkel, dive and seek the mighty whales of the sea in this exceptionally special paradise.

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Beautiful Barbuda seems to be carved from the sweetest suggestion of a Caribbean dream, free from the mayhem of crowds and casinos she is simply a pale pink gem glittering in the midst of a big blue sea. Just over twelve hundred inhabitants and one charming little village, there is certainly a neighborly vibe on this darling little island. Being so close to the shores of Antigua means that you get the best of both worlds, Barbuda can be your dreamy little retreat for swimming, snorkeling and sipping coconut water on flamingo pink sands.

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