Roman Holiday on Board a Superyacht Charter in Italy

When it comes to the simple luxuries in life sometimes it seems the Italians know how to do it the best. Postcard colored towns cling to verdant cliffs, mornings are spent swimming in evocative blue waters, and afternoons are lost to the magic of siesta. In the evening lemons are crushed, garlic chopped, and tomatoes simmered for hours to make divine dishes for the family to enjoy.

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Chartering a superyacht to the shores of Italy is always an experience soaked in warmth. Imagine spending the days on MY Starfire waking to sleepy fishing villages rouse to life and indulging in fresh gelato as you sun yourself on the polished aft deck. These are the must see destinations to explore with MY Starfire on a superyacht charter in Italy.

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Jade colored canals, masked balls and squares adorned in ivory make Venice one of the most romantic cities in the whole of the Mediterranean. With museums stacked with incredible art of greats like Leonardo Da Vinci, Vivaldi’s music spilling down the tight knit watery streets and Murano glass for sale in every bright lit window, it’s not hard to be swept off your feet by Venice.

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Sail in on your superyacht charter, sip Bellini’s onboard and those who dare can even charter close by to the shores of Poveglia, said to be the most haunted place in Italy.

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Cinque Terre

One of the most dazzling spots in the whole of the Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre is a superyachts dream come true. Rugged cliffs swallow the five charming coastal villages, the scent of fresh focaccia drift down the street and if you are feeling the thrill of life you can even try cliff driving into the soft sunlit sparkling waters below.

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With bountiful hikes where the breath of wildflowers tickles your skin you can walk for miles before returning to MY Starfire for an on board massage and soothing dip in the Jacuzzi. When the stars start to hang in the sky then it’s time for fresh mussels with handmade spaghetti on the cliffs.

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Everyone’s favorite superyacht destination has to be the grace and elegance of Capri with its curving cliffs, its villas seemingly spilling down the rock face and its chic and trendy buzz that sweetens the air. With the Blue Grotto close by you can take the kayaks from MY Starfire and pass through dimly lit caves with bright blue waters and incredible rock formations said to be haunted by evil spirits.

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Superyacht life on Capri is all about shopping and dining, spend hours perusing the perfume maker stores where the mountain fresh scents of wild rosemary and citrus sift through the air before grabbing a delightful fresh seafood pasta lunch at the Capri Palace Hotel.

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The Amalfi Coast is littered with gem like destinations, tiny towns perched on the shores and sleepy villages serving some of the world’s best food. For superyacht charters Positano is an award winning spot where you can anchor off the coast, cradle a cool cocktail and watch the sunset show cast her glows across the waters.

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After stepping ashore you can buy beautiful white cotton clothes and lace from the lavish boutiques and sip a coffee in the shadow of the beauty of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Arrange to rent a car and take an afternoon drive along one of the most spectacular winding roads in the whole of Italy with endless sea views and tiny trattorias decorating the way.

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