Romance on the Seas with a Superyacht Vacation

For those who are head over heels in love, nothing can compare to those precious moments of privacy, tranquility and magic on a superyacht charter. Imagine being adrift in the wilderness of the amethyst sea, sipping champagne to the splendor of a flaming sunset and walking barefoot on the deserted sands of some faraway island under the weight of a milky blue moon. Escaping the distractions of the modern world, taking a step back from the mayhem of city living and getting back to the elements with the sweet seasoning of luxury can be done aboard MY Starfire.

Romance on the Seas on a Superyacht Vacation 1

The elegance of MY Starfire offers a floating honeymoon suite that will take you and your loved one to the ends of the earth and back. The world is your oyster when you can wake in silken sheets, tiptoe onto the sundeck, dive into mirror-like waters, indulge in an onboard massage and wine and dine like royalty with nothing but the sway of the ocean to soothe your heart and spirit. Whether you decide to sail into the blue and white bliss of the Bahamas, to dance through the chic streets of the French Riviera or to explore the love stories of the Gods in the olive groves of the Greek Isles, your superyacht vacation can seem like a waking dream.

Romance on the Seas on a Superyacht Vacation 2

Brunch on Secluded Shores

After an easy morning of fresh coffee and warm newspapers on the sundeck, skip breakfast onboard and opt for a beautiful brunch on a secluded beach. MY Starfire boasts a range of tenders that can sail you to sun bleached white sands without another soul in sight. Indulge in the delights of freshly caught fish, flaky pastries, ripe and exotic fruit and a chilled bottle of the finest champagne to get your day started.

Romance on the Seas on a Superyacht Vacation 3

Down Deep Diving

Watersports may not ignite your romantic side, but scuba diving and snorkeling hand in hand can be the perfect way to discover the delights of the world together. The tropics of the Caribbean are littered with sunken ships that seem to gather the sunlight in their broken sterns making a dive to the depths an experience filled with adventure. The shores of the BVI are laced with schools of rainbow bright fish and sleepy-eyed tortoises drifting in the serenity. Finishing your underwater excursion with a cold beer in a tropical wooden shack is sure to be a moment you both will savor.

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A Personal Spa Delight

MY Starfire is equipped with its own onboard spa meaning that you don’t need to step ashore to indulge in perfect pampering for your body, mind, and soul. Let the crew shake you a vitamin boosting drink filled to the brim with beautiful fruits, slip inside the sauna for a few moments of thick heat to soothe muscles, give yourself over to the masseuse who fill iron out every crease and soften skin with the scents of vanilla, hibiscus, jasmine and lavender. Finally step out refreshed and ready to sink down into the gentle bubbling waters of the Jacuzzi with nothing but endless shades of blue stretching to meet the clear sky.

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Moonlight Wine Tasting and Delectable Dining

As the stars start to flutter in the sky like drunken butterflies you can ask the captain to unlock his secret wine stash. With the sea breeze caressing your skin why not take some time to sip and swirl with a unique wine tasting experience onboard. When you have discovered the dusty bottle of vintage claret to fall in love with, then take supper on board. MY Starfire takes food seriously and the head chef is always inspired to create something truly special. Beside the glow of candle light, you can heave a sigh of sheer delight as you taste the best in fresh local produce, evocative spirits and sweetened seasoning from every corner of the far-flung globe.

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Casablanca Beneath the Stars

What could be better than a midnight movie beneath the stars? My Starfire offers you the chance to relax in the beautiful outdoor cinema. Choose your favorite romantic film whether it’s Casablanca or Notting Hill and spoon homemade ice cream as you snuggle beneath a blanket made from the softest cashmere. Later when the credits are rolling you can clink glasses of top shelf imported scotch before retiring to the privacy of your own stately cabin.

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Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain MY Starfire at MY Starfire
Providing "Effortless Service" is my passion. Therefore, I am always available to answer any questions you may have about either yachting or travel. Don't hesitate to reach out to me directly or through your broker.
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