Romantic Destinations On A Superyacht

When you are searching for the most romantic destinations around our planet, magine the soft lit delights of taking your lover by their hand, strolling along moonlit sands, rolling in the gentle waves of the ocean. Imagine clinking champagne glasses in the steamy Jacuzzi, stretching out in pale crisp white cotton sheets; imagine rose petals, blue waters, and candlelit dinners beneath the stars. Superyachts are without a doubt one of the most impressive romantic environments in the world with every detail designed for luxury, elegance, and to inspire the greatest love stories.

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Whether you choose to sail to the breathtaking beaches of the Bahamas or whether you opt for a European jaunt to reconnect with old world Casanova roots, gliding into these destinations on a superyacht is sure to be heaven sent. MY Starfire almost seems like it was designed and curated with romance in mind, you can breakfast in the shaded bliss of the aft deck, enjoy couples massages in the high-class spa and curl up beneath a cashmere blanket together as you watch Casablanca on the majestic outdoor cinema. Take a look at these impeccable romantic destinations on a superyacht.

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Venice, Italy

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a place where you can take a singing gondola ride down the green silky slip of the canals, where you can dress up in feathers and sequins and attend a masque ball, where you can eat some of the finest foods known to man, and where you can watch the pink blush of the sunset soak the colorful streets in iridescent charm. Venice is one of the ultimate romance destinations and My Starfire offers you the perfect stay in the designer city. Drop anchor in the gorgeous port with views over Piazza San Marco as you eat breakfast on the deck, indulge in a cooking class using the best Venetian ingredients with your own private chef, and even take the Jet Skis out and enjoy a tandem journey down the winding canals for a unique way of exploring the city.

Romantic Destinations Superyacht Venice

Turks and Caicos

Picture paradise; sugar white sands, swaying palms, the palest blue shoreline that shades to turquoise, then sapphire, bobbing boats and sipping rum from a split coconut – this is the Turks and Caicos. As far as romantic destinations go it seems this secluded spot is forever making it big on the honeymooner’s lists. With MY Starfire as your own floating oasis you can hold hands as you dive into the crystal waters from the deck, take out the kayaks to follow the sinking colors of the sunset, go horseback riding along the deserted coves, and take dinner at the edge of the ocean digging your feet into the sand and gazing into each other’s eyes. Exceptional snorkeling and diving opportunities in the emerald waters are there for couples who want an underwater adventure with the kaleidoscope colored tropical fish.

Romantic Destinations Superyacht Turks and Caicos


The Costa Smeralda seems to ooze mystery and romance making it an incredible choice for those who want a dream destination that doesn’t come under cliché. Chic, unique and brimming with beautiful cuisine you can spend your days in Sardinia walking the natural beauty of the bays, dining on the freshest seafood and suckling pig onboard My Starfire and strolling through the pretty medieval quarter teeming with cathedrals and watchtowers in the aptly named Castello. Sip limoncello, splash in the translucent waters of CalaGoloritzè and sit in the shade of the strawberry trees that fringe the floury sands of Liscia Ruia. Top up a special experience with an afternoon of pampering on MY Starfire, slip in and out of the sauna, chill in the Jacuzzi and let the onboard masseuse ease your muscles with sublime treatments.

Romantic Destinations Superyacht Sardinia


Waterfalls, palm trees, and lush green landscapes that shimmer like jewels can provide the perfect mise en scene for all your superyacht dreams. This romantic paradise can offer you the chance to run through cinnamon and vanilla scented plantations, enjoy divine lobster lunches and champagne picnics on private sandy shores, and rent out bicycles so you can explore every inch of this Caribbean wonder off the beaten track. When the moonlight hangs in the sky you can take a romantic excursion to watch the turtles trundle down the silver beach with their young.

Romantic Destinations Superyacht Grenada

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