Rum Cocktails to Savor on a Caribbean Superyacht Charter

When the leaves have turned and the winter winds start to blow perhaps it’s time to plan your palm tree lined escape to a land of rum and warm blue bliss. This is the season when scores of super yachts are sure to be heading out to the bright and balmy Caribbean islands, chartering elite individuals to dance on moonlight sands, to swing in hammocks, to snorkel the shallows, and to fall in love with the world once more. My Starfire is your own floating oasis taking you across mirror like green waters to seek a sun drenched home whether it be anchored off the shore of the ABC islands or in the buzzing vibrant heart of St Barts. There are so many moments on a super yacht charter that would be perfectly complemented by a rum cooled cocktail, from soaking up the heat on the sun deck to raising a toast to the final flicker of another dreamy day, watching a movie beneath the stars with the superyacht My Starfire’s outdoor cinema or enjoying a bright and breezy brunch kissed by fresh fruit, a splash of rum and carnival vibes. Take a look at these rum soaked cocktails to savor as you sail into the setting sun.

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Rosemary Tangerine Cooler

The sharp tang of tangerine seems to be gently subdued by the herbal earthiness of fresh rosemary sprigs in this intoxicating chilled classic. The raw sugar, the chipped ice, and the generous dollops of white rum make your mouth tingle when you take the first delightfully quenching sips of this Caribbean gem. Tangerines are split, soaked in raw sugar, and caramelized until they turn a dark burnt shade of brown and the juices literally spill out. Muddled all together in a tall glass, a rosemary tangerine cooler is best enjoyed late in the afternoon somewhere off the shore of wild Dominica where the salty ocean and the green mountains seem to perfectly complement the color palate of this inspired cocktail.

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Pineapple Mint Mojito

Nothing makes you feel more like being in the midst of the tropics then the fresh and tingly taste of pineapple. Blend that with the zesty mint of a magical mojito and you have a drink worthy of the gods. This rum sodden concoction is a glorious marriage of fresh mint leaves, a twist or two of lime, smashed up pineapple chunks, ice and our favorite ingredient – rum. The crew onboard My Starfire will certainly know how to slice, dice, pour and shake this one up and can hand it over to you from a silver platter as soon as you step out of the pristine Virgin Gorda waters onto the swim deck of your luxury super yacht charter.

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Mango Daiquiri

Sweet, sassy and simply put – paradise heaven in a tall glass, the mango daiquiri is the perfect afternoon cool down after a morning of water sport adventures on your super yacht charter. Those moments when you simply want to stretch out in a finger of sunlight with a good book in hand, this is when the mango daiquiri is sure to come into its own. Thick, frozen, brightened by a wedge of lime and served with a freshly plucked strawberry like a breathless summer kiss, you are sure to feel the life flow back into your veins with every little sip.

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The Dark and Stormy

This is Bermuda’s favorite tipple especially when the sea stirs up the bruised clouds to flood the sky with color. Of course to enjoy this delirious creation you don’t need to be on the black sands of Bermuda, you can be anchored close to the blue hole of Belize or even swimming with sting rays in the beautiful Bahamas. A generous splash of dark amber rum is the main reason to fall hard for the Dark and Stormy, yet when you bring spicy ginger beer, ice and lime into the mix and serve it all up in a crystal cut Collins glass. This is the perfect before dinner drink or a drink for a rainy super yacht day when all you want to do is curl up under cashmere and play chess.

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