Santorini: A Day Anchored by Superyacht

The glittering jewel of Santorini rises softly out of the Aegean Sea with its white washed walls, rich volcanic sands and flaming sunsets. Imagine drifting across sapphire waters with a cocktail in hand on board your luxury yacht charter and being greeted by sheer rainbow colored cliffs, the scent of fresh seafood and chic little streets shadowed by the volcano.


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Choosing to charter a superyacht such as MY Starfire, a 178′ Benetti superyacht captained by Carl Sputh, on the sweet shores of Santorini will exceed your expectations. Here you will find some of the world’s finest wines, delectable gourmet dining, blue flag beaches, and beautiful boutiques for picking up handcrafted souvenirs around the bustling streets of Oia and Fira.


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Wine lovers will find that their cup spilleth over in Santorini and taking a vineyard tour of the Island allows you to taste the sweet golden essence of some of the best cellar doors in the Mediterranean. A four hour wine tour will take you across volcanic vineyards and tempt your taste buds with local mezze platters and plenty of vintage vino.


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Those guests who are feeling adventurous can choose a private tour to the vista of the Nea Kameni volcano. Climb the foothills at a leisurely pace and breathe in the evocative scent of salt water and flora in bloom as you enjoy exceptional views across the island. Finish with a dip in the natural hot springs that will soothe and leave you refreshed for more.


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Soaking up a slice of history in Santorini is easy and those interested in ancient Greek culture can meander through the ruins of Thira admiring the crumbling temples, the remnants of mosaics and the byzantine ruins.


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If you are seeking fine dining with crimson colored sunset views then Selene should be your number one choice. Perched in beautiful Pyrgos, Selene offers white linen, succulent sea bass, and an award winning fusion of traditional Greek cooking with an innovative twist.


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Finish your Santorini experience with a glass of champagne back on your luxury yacht charter and watch the lights glittering across the bay.

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain MY Starfire at MY Starfire
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