Scenes of Beauty to Discover by Superyacht

The art of travel is often an introduction to scenes of incredible beauty and grace; we live in a big wide world, one that is filled to the brim with birdsong, forests blooming in color, endless meadows, gushing waterfalls and brilliant white and blue beaches. Traveling the globe by superyacht is one of the best ways of truly experiencing the elements the way Mother Nature intended. On a superyacht, you can feel the tang of salt water on your skin, you can breathe in the rosemary and lemon that rolls down the hills and you can feel the sun beat on your brow.

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MY Starfire offers a taste of beauty from the moment you open your eyes until when they flutter shut at night. Boasting supremely beautiful surroundings you can lounge in the softest sheets on your feather bed, pad barefoot to the sundeck where a Zen-like spa, Jacuzzi and billowing white canopied lounge area await and dine in ultimate style on dishes that are pure works of art. For those times when you want to discover a world of beauty on your doorstep these scenes are waiting for MY Starfire to glide right by.

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Beautiful beach…Virgin Gorda Baths, British Virgin Isles

Stumbling upon the arresting sight of smooth granite boulders rising from the gin colored sea is something you are sure to remember. For years The Baths of the Virgin Gorda have been mesmerizing travelers who happen to step ashore on this mystical and impossibly beautiful part of the globe. From the deck of MY Starfire you can drop anchor and swim to shore to discover the grottos, the cracks, the crevices and the unique patterns of light that seem to get captured in the gaps of these mighty rock formations.

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Those who feel sprightly can climb the maze of ladders and ropes that allow full detailed and a truly sensory exploration of the rocks, secret pools glitter with the clearest water offering you the chance to watch the shoals of bright fish flickering beneath the surface. After a day of discovery you can swim back to your superyacht for a rum soaked cocktail and to watch the sun casting her final fingers of gold across the world’s most beautiful beach.

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Beautiful nature…Geirangerfjord, Norway

The very essence of fairytale beauty, Norway’s Geirangerfjord is the Holy Grail in Norway’s chest of treasures. This is a place where waterfalls thunder, remote farms cling to staggeringly high cliffs and greens and blues flood the eyes in a startling array of shades. Snow lies like stardust on the highest peaks and the sunlight catches and bounces as playful as a seal splashing on the evanescent waters. Sailing through the fjords on a superyacht is one of those rare experiences that cause the breath to stop short in the throat.

Scenes of Beauty to Discover on a Superyacht Charter 5

Take a kayak from MY Starfire and head out across the glassy ripple of the surface, cast a line and catch the freshest pink salmon possible and step ashore to take a drive along to the incredible Eagles Way, clutching the seat as your driver tackles the hairpin bends that wind and weave through the rich scent of pine and wildflowers.

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Beautiful city…Venice, Italy

A world of waterways, drifting gondolas, carnival feathers and exquisite masks – Venice has always been hailed as the ultimate destination for those seeking secret spirits with a dash of Casanova romance. Renaissance buildings line the azure canals, iron wrought balconies flood with color and the scent of rich dark coffee and fine food wafts through the streets. Every window is adorned with Murano glass in the brightest shades or with artisan masks waiting to make their entrance on the day of Carnival.

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Stepping off your superyacht you can spend the day seeing some of the world’s greatest art works at the Galleriedell’Accademia, soaking up the sounds of Vivaldi at the La Fenice Theatre and drinking spritzers in any of the quaint little bars boasting incredible views across the inspired rooftops. As evening settles like a silver film over the city, head back to MY Starfire where the chef will have rustled up some black squid ink spaghetti with a bottle of Venetian best.

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Beautiful island…Santorini, Greece

Step onboard the sundeck for your first taste of the glory that is the Greek island of Santorini, a place where white walls and blue domed rooftops reflect the natural beauty that abounds around them, where sunsets steal your heart and where food and wine flows as though gifted from the gods. Days in Santorini are best spent swimming in the crystal clear waters and wandering the maze-like streets of Oia searching for hidden treasures.

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With no less than eight wineries scattered around the island you can be sure of your cup overflowing, open cellar doors tempt you in to crush a cup or two of the sweetest pale whites and the softest reds. No sojourn onto these Greek shores would be complete without sailing into the setting sun beneath a sky full of fire.

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