Seven Days In Dalmatian Waters

The Dalmatian Coast is home to one of Europe’s most dramatic and scenic shorelines, making it the perfect coastline to explore by yacht. The Mediterranean climate makes a relaxed exploration of the Adriatic coastline a must, so take it slowly and enjoy the deep blue waters and verdant green islands that the region offers in such abundance.

To get the most out of the Dalmatian Coast, Captain Sputh curates a seven day itinerary to explore the beauty of both Montenegro and Croatia.


Day One:  Kotor, Montenegro

Start in the Bay of Kotor in southwestern Montenegro. The medieval town was declared a World Heritage Site over three decades ago so be sure to spend a day roaming the rabbit warren of ancient streets, stopping off regularly to enjoy a refreshing drink in a café, watch the town go about its business and soak up the sunshine.


Private Yacht charter in Dalmatian Waters - MY Starfire Itinerary -  Kotor, Montenegro


Day Two: Budva, Montenegro

Take in the sights and sounds of Budva next. With soft, sandy beaches for the day and a vibrant nightlife scene for the evening. Jaz Beach is a must-see, backed by towering rock formations that seem to be trying to dip their toes directly in the ocean. The beach is host to numerous music events during the summer months, so time your trip right and you can enjoy the sounds while bobbing on the sea as the sun sets.


Day Three: Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Croatian city of Dubrovnik – another World Heritage Site – is well worth a day’s visit, both to enjoy the fine cuisine the city has to offer and to soak up some history. Dubrovnik is reportedly one of the world’s best medieval walled cities and those visiting by yacht can enjoy the views from both sides of the walls. For those of a more modern mind-set, the city is the location used to represent the location of King’s Landing in the smash hit series Game of Thrones, adding a fascinating frisson of excitement to an approach by sea.


 Private Yacht charter in Dalmatian Waters - MY Starfire Itinerary - Dubrovnik, Croatia


Day Four: Korcula, Croatia

Leaving the mainland behind (though only just), the island of Korcula is a place to charm and delight the senses. White houses with terracotta roofs cluster together in the brilliant sunshine with picture-postcard precision. Enjoy the frequent performances of traditional dance routines on this island whose history is rich with musical influences.


Day Five: Hvar, Croatia

Next head for the island of Hvar, at the centre of the Adriatic’s sailing routes. One of Conde Nast Traveler’s top ten islands, Hvar can be enjoyed both for its beautiful rolling pastures dotted with olive groves and vineyards and for its impressive collection of museums, galleries and world-class restaurants. Be sure to approach from the northern side of the island to take in the stunning panoramic view of the town of Stari Grad.


 Private Yacht charter in Dalmatian Waters - MY Starfire Itinerary - Hvar, Croatia


Day Six: Split, Croatia

The largest of Croatia’s coastal cities, Split is a bustling metropolis with an impressive palm-lined harbour that makes visitors feel instantly inspired to explore more of this intriguing place. A visit to the massive Diocletian’s Palace is essential while in Split, as is enjoying the gastronomic delights of Croatian cuisine at its best in one of the city’s leading restaurants – Konoba Matejuska is particularly recommended for its combination of sparklingly fresh seafood, lively atmosphere and good company.




Day Seven: Trogir, Croatia

End a week’s exploration of the Dalmatian Coast at the historic habour town of Trogir, located on a tiny island just off Croatia’s mainland coast. The small size of the island and the density of its palaces, towers, churches and fortress make exploring on foot a true joy, so spend the day taking in the sights and appreciating the ancient grandeur.


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