Sicilian Dishes to Taste on your Superyacht Jaunt

Sicily, resplendent in her beauty, simmered in the scent of lemons and tropical hues, threaded with timeless tradition and sleepy folklore and awash with the flavors of the land and sea. For a luxury yacht charter there is no place that calls you home quite like the glorious little island perched precariously off the boot of mainland Italy. Some super yacht adventures are all about embracing the art of culture, others are about splashing in rich indigo hues, and others are all about exploring the world through the tip of your tongue and palate. Sicily is one of those destinations that captures it all, aboard MY Starfire you can spend mornings soaking in the hot tub or taking in the arresting sights of Palermo. Lingering lunches are best enjoyed in tiny trattorias nestled in secret coves and evenings can be devoured with choice dishes whipped up by your own private chef and inspired by the bounty of the blue and yellow surroundings. For those drifting away on a superyacht charter to Sicily here are some dishes you must try to make your journey complete.

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This is one of those deliriously comforting dishes your grandmother would spend hours simmering in a rustic wood kitchen, Caponata is a pillowy soft aubergine stew brightened by tomatoes, warm shallots, a splash of vinegar, a handful of capers and topped with scattered pine nuts and fragrant fresh basil. On chilly super yacht nights this will warm you right down to the bone especially when enjoyed with a florally glass of Sicilian best white wine. On days when the aft deck is drenched in sunshine, you can use homemade bread from the market to scoop up cold Caponata as part of a mezze platter, because this is what life on My Starfire is all about.

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Decadent luxury yacht charter mornings wouldn’t be complete without something sweet to serve alongside a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Sicilian Cannoli is perhaps the dreamiest thing you could ever wish for with a creamy lemon taste that seems soaked in summer. The crispy brown shells ooze with its sharp and tangy stuffing of milk ricotta, its smattering of chocolate chips and its decoration of candied citrus fruits. The perfect mid-morning nibble before stepping off the deck and into the soft blue embrace of the sea for a swim.


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Spend only an afternoon on the shores of Sicily and you are sure to be introduced to the pleasure of the perfectly round and incredibly delectable little Arancini. The tiny deep fried rice balls can be stuffed with everything from melt in the mouth mozzarella to sweet green peas, rich ragu and more. You can add a hint of harmony by finding these balls brightened with saffron, a pinch of nutmeg and an array of green herbs and spices. Ask the crew of My Starfire to pack you a delicious lazy day picnic brimming with Arancini, cured meats, hard cheeses, olives and other delights and take the Jet Ski to seek your own private cove where you can nibble and splash and soak up the charm of Sicily.


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Pasta Con Le Sarde

From the deck of your luxury yacht charter all you need to do is to lean over and look into the luminously blue waters to see shoals of silver fish flitting beneath the hull. It comes as no surprise then that seafood tops the bill when discovering the culinary delights of Sicily. The Pasta Con Le Sarde is a specialty, the spring mackerels, the homemade tangle of soft pasta and the wild fennel capture comforting Italian tradition whereas the hint of saffron, sweet sultanas and nuts bring a dose of the islands colorful history to the table. This is the perfect lunch time treat at a chic café somewhere in the back streets of Palermo before hitting the boutiques for antique embroidered tablecloths, kitsch ceramics and more.

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