Soak up the Midnight Sun on a Norwegian Superyacht Adventure

Superyacht days may call for the buttery bright skies of the Bahamas, ancient Greek ruins standing proud on olive grove hills and sexy beach clubs in Ibiza where the young and restless strut their feathers in world famous style. Yet for intrepid adventurers seeking to break away from the clichés of paradise and plunge straight into the heart of unforgiving nature, perhaps it’s time to chase the midnight sun in Norway.

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Winters may carpet the green hills in nothing but white offering frozen fjords, flashes of the Northern Lights in the sky and a perpetual darkness that seems to seep into your very being. Yet summers seem so far removed from this kiss of death, boasting nights tinged with whiteness, rushing waterfalls from the mountain snow melts and a flood of pure emerald as though someone has thrown green paint on the world.

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Chartering a superyacht through the breathy blue fjords, feeling the thunder of waterfalls and admiring the adorable red barns and toy towns that scatter the islands is an experience like no other. MY Starfire boasts sumptuous surroundings for your Scandinavian experience, from calling from port to port to dining on fresh salmon on the sundeck, stepping into the steamy sauna and diving into crystal ice pools; this is the only way to enjoy a Norwegian superyacht summer.

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Admire the Fjords

Startling, dramatic and truly awe-inspiring – nothing can compare to waking up and sailing through the encapsulating landscape of Norway’s world-famous fjords. As you take a fresh salmon breakfast on the coastline of Hurtigruten, you can witness mountains glowing in their ethereal splendor, watch the light twinkle on the waters and see the pretty towns ignite in the first rays of day.

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Midnight Sun Whale Safaris

MY Starfire will show you the supreme delights of Stø, a place where in the reddish glow of the midnight sun you can see majestic whales silhouetted as they splash and play offshore. The eerie sound of these great water mammoths singing seems to pierce through the silence of the night and is incomparable to any other experience, especially when sitting in the hot tub on deck with a glass of champagne cooling in your hand.

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Kayak Around the Svalbard Islands

The isolated riches of the archipelago that stretches around the Svalbard Islands is as unique a place as you could ever imagine. When the midnight sun hangs like a rosy lantern in the sky and the stars are strung like pearls you can take a kayak from MY Starfire out across the waters. Being part of this mesmerizing landscape brings with it a sense of pure unfiltered calm and those who are seeking a deeper sense of the wilderness can arrange a tour into the rising peaks of the mountains to see the pristine white polar bears pawing each other beneath the golden aura of the light.

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Everlasting Nights in Bergen

Beautiful Bergen is the Gateway to the Fjords and one of the diamonds in Norway’s cluster of precious gems. During the months where the midnight sun burns her yellow and red oil in the sky, you can find a late night haunt and sip wine on the sidewalk as you soak up the charm of this special spot. Daylight hours in Bergen host a wealth of activity, from meandering the bespoke boutiques to dining in world-class restaurants and dipping in and out of the galleries, this is the place to discover the cosmopolitan charm of Norwegian life.

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Captain Carl Sputh

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