Staying Fit on a Superyacht Charter: Top Tips

Life on a superyacht charter can be an endless array of cocktails, canapés, late night soirees, lounging on the billowing white deck and sitting in the Jacuzzi letting the bubbles work their magic. Whilst all these things are fine and heavenly some guests may want to work in a little light exercise time so they can feel fresh, limber and ready to take a deep breath every day.

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Superyachts like MY Starfire can offer a kingdom of fitness opportunities, even those superyachts without a gym still offer plenty of space, a plethora of splashing water toys, a proactive program for those who wish to indulge and a dazzling choice of the finest superfoods to keep you strong and kicking no matter which part of the world you are sailing to. Let’s take a look at some of the great ways for staying fit on a superyacht charter.

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On Deck Exercise

MY Starfire boasts a beautiful deck with warm wood beneath the soles of your feet, shady white canopies, and lashings of space. Start the day with a little light yoga on the aft deck; feeling the soft sea breeze rumple your hair, the spritz of ocean mist douse our skin and the sunlight gleaming on your shoulders makes for a remarkable setting for stretching and feeling the power of your own body and nature blend in harmony. The meditative retreat of the aft deck provides a place of peace and contemplation and when you practice deep and steady breathing you can inhale the whole ocean peppered with salt and pure freedom.

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Ocean Playgrounds

With the ocean as your playground who needs to be stuck in the dry air of a sweaty gym or standing on a treadmill going nowhere? This is exercise as you have never experienced it, whether it’s kayaking along the Norwegian Fjords feeling the burn in your arms or pushing every muscle to the extreme with an hour of water skiing behind a speed boat, these are activities that get you fit, push you to new realms and help you to truly feel alive. MY Starfire offers guests the chance to play with kayaks, snorkeling equipment, jet skis and so much more. Swimming is one of the best exercises in the world and when you have the whole ocean as your swimming pool you can plunge right in, kicking and splashing for hours.

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Shoreline Excursions

One of the wonderful things about a superyacht charter is that you can sail in any direction you please, you can drop anchor at any island or port, and you can step ashore for ultimate land exploration. The freedom to move ensures that you can find places that will both satiate your thirst for adventure and will keep you fit at the same time. Hike the wild herb and white blossom trails that string together Italy’s Cinque Terre, climb ancient steps to ancient sites on the islands of Greece, wander jungle trails and volcanic lore deep in the Caribbean and even spend a day wandering the perfect port cities of the Grenadines, all these excursions are sure to get your heart beating.

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Smoothies and Superfoods

Swimming, snorkeling, hiking and biking – these aren’t the only things you need to stay fit and feeling fine, often it’s all about what you put in your body too. MY Starfire boasts its own incredible chef who understands that divine dining is all about striking the balance between tantalizing taste and much-needed nutrition. With a dedicated crew on hand too, you can ask for the freshest fruit smoothies to be shaken and delivered on a silver platter whenever you feel the need for a burst of vitamins. Enjoy the delights of fresh fish stuffed with zinc, the leanest cuts of free range meat laced in protein, dairy fresh from the farm and filled with much needed calcium to make bones strong, super salads hand-picked from market, and heavenly herbs that will heal and renew.

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Perfect Pampering

Finally when you are fed, stretched, tired and feeling the blood pumping in your veins you should ensure you get some down time. MY Starfire offers its own onboard spa that will leave every inch of you sighing in sheer delight. The sauna will strip the skin and body of pent-up toxins, the expert masseuse will unwind every knot and tension buried deep inside, and the Jacuzzi will soothe every muscle in a moment, especially at sunset with a glass of the best vintage champagne to celebrate.

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