Stepping Ashore Aruba

When it comes to selecting the ultimate luxury superyacht destination, Aruba always seems to shine. Powdery white beaches welcome you to stretch out on the sands and sip rum from dawn until dusk; natural swimming holes, magical caves and virginal forests invite you to explore; and the extraordinary spas, fast rolling casinos and bright lights of carnival keep you entertained in all the glitz and glamor of this spectacular island paradise.


Stepping Ashore Aruba 1

Discover the wonders of Aruba on board the Starfire luxury superyacht charter. Designed with you in mind, the beautiful superyacht combines elegant designs, world class dining, stunning suites and lavish onboard entertainment such as an open air cinema and fabulous sundeck lounge. Let Captain Sputh take you to the sun-drenched shores of the world’s favorite destination.

Start the Day Diving

Start the day immersed in the splendor of Aruba and dive down to discover the largest wreck in the Caribbean at Antilla. The World War ship that sank to the bottom of the sea bed is now the home of a myriad of rich and colorful marine delights. Tropical fish flit in and out of the wreckage and bright coral formations bloom on the hull.


Stepping Ashore Aruba 2

Shop in the Dutch Style Capital

Walk the pretty streets of Oranjestad, the Dutch capital of Aruba and let the heady mixture of goods tempt you in. From the sweet scent of perfume to ripened cheese, soft leather goods, local art, Cuban cigars and designer boutique fashion, you can find everything you ever dreamed of and more in this lively shopping district.


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Lunch at Carambola

Deliciously fresh, charming surroundings and an exotic kick of Caribbean flair, Carambola is a rising star on the dining scene of Aruba. The buttery clam chowder will melt your heart, and the lobster tail is beautifully grilled and the homemade chocolate brownie will stick to the roof of your mouth.


Stepping Ashore Aruba 4

Horse Riding on Daimari Beach

Explore the rare flora of Aruba with a horseback ride through the colorful country and across the wild sands of Daimari Beach. Experience the magic of your surroundings as you canter through the gentle rolling surf and breathe deep the sweet fragrance of saltwater and admire the rugged coastline.


Stepping Ashore Aruba 5

Cocktails beside the Sea

Enjoy a lavish cocktail in the gorgeous beach bar setting of MooMba Beach. Find respite under the palapas in a relaxing casual environment with sparkling Caribbean Sea views. Fresh fruit frozen Pina Coladas, and the rhythm of live music is sure to get you in the mood.


Stepping Ashore Aruba 6

Dine Barefoot in the Sands

Enjoy a lunch geared towards designer dining on the sands; Barefoot is all about soaking up the beach experience with a gourmet twist. Signature dishes served to the soundtrack of the lapping sea, with the cool sands beneath your feet and a ceiling of stars make for an exquisitely romantic experience. Fragrant vanilla scallops, Lobster cappuccino and fabulous fresh fish options will linger in your memory.


Stepping Ashore Aruba 7

Casino Nights

Try your luck at the largest casino in Aruba – the Stellaris Casino; with hordes of player’s tables, classic martinis and a vibrant buzz, you can roll the dice, perfect your poker skills or sit at the slots until the sun comes up.


Stepping Ashore Aruba 8

Aruba is a fine destination for enjoying the luxurious side of life blended with Caribbean simplicity. Exploring the paradise island on the Starfire superyacht will serve to enhance the experience.

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