Stepping Ashore in Istanbul on a Superyacht Charter

The Turkish Riviera may glitter with turquoise and gold but for a true glimpse into the beauty of the Byzantine Empire, discover Istanbul, a labyrinth of sheer delight. Step ashore from your luxury superyacht  and discover a city where ancient tradition fuses with a cosmopolitan vibe. Crowded bazaars burst with rich fragrance, soft spice, and silks and gleaming copper, the chimes of the Mosque ring out through sultry evenings, and the evocative perfume of dark coffee, honeyed baklava and fabulous street food sails down the street.

Take a closer look at Istanbul and its first-class experiences to embrace when you step off MY Starfire.

Stepping Ashore in Istanbul on a Superyacht Charter MY Starfire

Turkish Hammam

Indulge in a truly decadent experience and drift away in the steam, the opulent marble surroundings and the ultimate scrub down with a traditional Turkish Hammam.

Stepping Ashore in Istanbul on a Superyacht Charter Turkish Hammam

This is no ordinary spa treatment, but a cultural gift that will transport you to another realm. Marble rooms adorned in mosaic, mountains of pearly white foam, robust locals poring over every inch of your body as they brighten tired skin. Languid bathing pools send a thick cloud of fog in the air to unwind every muscle, this is the Hammam experience; it will leave your body, mind and soul in complete harmony.

Grand Bazaar

Chaos and charm collide in head on fashion in the world famous Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.

Stepping Ashore in Istanbul on a Superyacht Charter Grand Bazaar

Tight knit winding streets crammed with peddlers, and rickety stalls laden with goods will entice your eyes and send your senses into overload. This is the place to perfect your haggling skills, to pick up bright and beautiful handcrafted ceramics, intricately woven rugs, cashmere soft silk scarves and carved chess pieces. Make sure you duck out of sight to visit the old shops tucked away close by, said to be the true soul of one of the world’s oldest bazaars.

Basilica Cistern

This Byzantine wonder will take your breath away with its towering pillars, its majestic sweep of marble and its fascinating history.

Stepping Ashore in Istanbul on a Superyacht Charter Basilica Cistern

The Sunken Palace has long caught the imagination of travelers as it was previously used as a water reservoir for the opulent palace. Marvel at the upside down carving of Medusa’s head; lose yourself in the daydream of classical music sprinkled with the sound of dripping water echoing off the high chambers; and bask in the wonders of the ancient world.

Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque

Spiraling minarets, godly domes and the cooling blue mosaic tiles make the Hagia Sophia one of the most iconic sights in the whole of Istanbul.

Stepping Ashore in Istanbul on a Superyacht Charter Blue Mosque

Crafted with love in 1609, this architectural wonder blazes on the skyline of the city and is a must visit attraction before climbing back on your luxury superyacht. The cascading domes drip with romance; each tile is its own work of art – some displaying soft flowers, lacy trees and cultivated colors that together create an astounding effect. Sunlight streams in through the hundreds of stained glass windows and the sound of your footsteps padding on the floor echoes with a spiritual resonance making the visit something special to be remembered.

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