Stepping Ashore Marseilles

Marseille is quickly growing to become one of the hottest destinations sitting pretty on the south coast of France. Close to the stunning Rivera, but boasting a much higher cultural appetite, you can embrace this chic and slightly shabby city that has inspired some of the world’s most revered poets and artists.

Captain Sputh invites you aboard the lush and lavish Starfire luxury superyacht for a decadent experience on the shores of Marseille. Take a dip in the warm waters of the med, indulge in a private massage on board and delight in a little joie de vivre on Starfire.

Stepping Ashore Marseilles MYStarfire

Coffee on Vieux Port

Marseille is a whirlwind of cultural delights and indeed a melting pot for European, African and eastern cultures to come together and create a fascinating city.  Stepping ashore in Marseille, you will be greeted by the cries of fish sellers on the stunning Vieux Port, crowded cafes animated with coffee drinking patrons and the sunlight gliding over the crowded rooftops. Vieux Port is an experience on its own and the first place to peruse, soak up the atmosphere and sip a cup of coffee or an early pastis.

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Religious Beauty at the Marseille Cathedral

Inspired by the Byzantine era the Marseille Cathedral is an epic beauty of breath-taking proportions. As one of the oldest cathedrals in France, it oozes history from its pale carved walls and its flooded dome pressed against the clear blue skies. Walk through the cool corridors and admire the ornate arches that sweep and fall in this sacred place of wonder.

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Palatial Art at the Palais de Longchamp

Fine art is alive and well in Marseille, and the stunning grounds of the Palais de Longchamp offers some extraordinary works to fall in love with. The big names of the 17-19th century can be found adorning the walls, with David, Courbet, Daumier, Perugino, and Rubens to name a few. Afterwards, you can wander the heavenly gardens with their glittering lakes, tumbling waterfalls and sweet scented manicured lawns.

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Signature Lunches at L’Epuisette

Grab an early lunch at one of the most delightful and elegant sea shacks on the coast. Sitting pretty on a rock jutting out into the cobalt waters you can taste the difference when it comes to the catch of the day cooked to perfection. Chef Guillaume Sourrieu delivers delicate rockfish soup, fresh lobster marinated with exotic island spices, and apple tatin with a glistening raw sugar robe.

Stepping Ashore Marseilles L Epuisette

Specialty Shopping

Marseille has no much style and personality that it seeps through the commercial culture and into the boutique havens and tiny specialty shops to be found across the city. Antique lovers will be swept off their feet after a glimpse into the beautiful Provençal world of Galerie Wulfram-Puget. Men can bask in the beauty and finery to be found in the unique Warp and Weft, whose fashionable name dates back to 1628. Finally don’t leave the bustling streets without ducking into Amandine to see a whole new world handcrafted from rich and creamy chocolate.

Stepping Ashore Marseilles Shopping

Marseilles Best Chef for Dinner

Le Petit Nice is the only place to enjoy a decadent dinner grazed by three stunning Michelin stars. Gérald Passédat is one of the best loved, inventive and knowledgeable chefs in the world when it comes to seafood fresh dining. Taste the real essence of the sea with the signature bouillabaisse which has made world fame.

Stepping Ashore Marseilles Le Petit Nice

Sunsets and Cocktails

Finish a world class day in the thriving city of Marseille with a sunset superyacht cruise and handcrafted cocktail hour aboard the Starfire. Captain Sputh can show you the reason Marseille is marked as having one of the most romantic sunsets in the whole of Mediterranean.

Stepping Ashore Marseilles Cocktails


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