Exploring Nassau on a Superyacht Charter

The sparkling sands and rich-hued waters of the Bahamas are always a welcome sight for those escaping the chilled winds of the West, especially when stepping ashore on the paradise isle of Nassau. Those guests wanting to explore the shipwrecked littered shores of stunning Nassau can head out on the adventure of a lifetime aboard the luxury superyacht charter – Starfire.


Stepping Ashore Nassau on a Superyacht Vacation 1

Captain Sputh is waiting to welcome you to a world on water designed to meet your every need. With plush cabin suites, an open air cinema and gourmet dining beneath the stars, let your Starfire journey take you to this tropical paradise.

Old world charm blended with simple sophistication is waiting for you the second you step foot on this prestigious paradise. From kayaking across the ultra-marine waters to the glittering sands of Rose Island, to snacking on fresh conch, letting loose in the streets for Junkanoo and rolling dice at the glitzy casinos, Nassau is a dream come true.


Stepping Ashore Nassau on a Superyacht Vacation 2

Designer Spends in Crystal Court

Start the morning ready to spend with a shopping expedition down to the Crystal Court Shops. With designer goodies adorning the windows, exquisite names like Versace, Gucci and Cartier you can take your pick of duty-free wares. Those shopaholics seeking a little more color can head to the famous Festival Place, where bright stalls lavished with local artwork and handicrafts peppered to the sounds of local live music.


Stepping Ashore Nassau on a Superyacht Vacation 3

Art Treasures in the National Art Gallery

Art lovers can duck out of the mid-morning heat to the calm and cool beauty of the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. Treasures by world class artists such as Stanley Burnside, Amos Ferguson and Antonius Roberts along with local artists collected throughout the ages makes for stunning viewing in the restored 1860’s villa.


Stepping Ashore Nassau on a Superyacht Vacation 4

Mahogany House Charm

Keep lunch simple in the charm of Mahogany House. Surrounded by natural wood, sea stone and low lighting you can lavish in the open plan dining room and swill world class wines. Fresh ceviche soaked in citrus, elegant heaped mezze boards, and truffle pappardelle makes for a delicious afternoon treat.


Stepping Ashore Nassau on a Superyacht Vacation 5

Blissful Beach Beauty

Cabbage Beach may be one of the most beautiful stretches of sand on earth. With celestial cyan waters, ivory lace sands and flanked by lush vegetation you can sip cocktails, snorkel to see grouper and enjoy decadent hospitality at the lavish One&Only Club.


Stepping Ashore Nassau on a Superyacht Vacation 6

Drinks at Sea Glass

After soaking up the sunlight and salt on the shore, head to the elegant Sea Glass lounge for decadent rainbow colored drinks. Designer cocktails are served in tall glasses with breathtaking views across the Caribbean Sea. Be sure to sample the Covetini, raspberry rum blended with mango jasmine puree.


Stepping Ashore Nassau on a Superyacht Vacation 7

Dinner at Nobu
Internationally acclaimed, sleek in design and with sterling sashimi, swing by Nobu for a world class sushi experience. With restaurants sprinkled across the globe, award-winning chef Nobu Matsuhisa serves up a rare treat. Tender pork belly with spicy miso, succulent lobster wasabi and wagyu beef are just some of the tempting tastes on the menu.


Stepping Ashore Nassau on a Superyacht Vacation 8

Roll with Lady Luck

The Atlantis casino really picks up after dusk, and you can play the tables surrounding the stunning lagoon. Opulent luxury, free flowing drinks and a lavish atmosphere provides the perfect environment for tempting fate against lady luck.


Stepping Ashore Nassau on a Superyacht Vacation 9

Finish the evening back on the comfort and pleasure of the Starfire superyacht. Let the attentive staff bring you a premium night cap before sinking into your soft bed, taking a midnight dip in the hot tub or snuggling beneath a cashmere blanket to watch the stars.

Stepping Ashore Nassau on a Superyacht Vacation 10


Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

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