Sublime Entertainment on a Superyacht Charter

Whether island hopping around the sun bleached shores of Greece or discovering the icy Fjords of Norway, every day on a superyacht charter is dressed to be different. From stepping ashore in some of the world’s trendiest destinations to snorkeling, water skiing and taking the tender out for exploration, life on the high seas is set for adventure.

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MY Starfire boasts an array of fun fuelled tenders and toys, a choice of divine destinations and a perfectly curated trip to ensure that you get the perfect balance of rest and play. Yet when the last colors of sunset fade away and you find yourself sipping a cognac and wondering what the evening holds, here are some sublime entertainment choices you can enjoy on a superyacht charter.

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Movies Beneath the Stars

MY Starfire and some other superyachts are geared towards providing state of the art entertainment facilities for guests with an outdoor cinema. After a long day of sightseeing or swimming and splashing in the generous lashings of fun, nothing can compare to curling up and watching a film.

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The difference is with an outdoor cinema you can witness movie magic under the stars. Snuggle under a cashmere blanket, listen to the soothing sounds of the sea, have the crew bring you a box of artisan chocolates and a vintage bottle of wine and pick your favorite film. Feeling the sea breeze tickle your neck, sinking back in your plush chair and losing yourself in the silver screen is a divine end to a day at sea.

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Champagne Spa Bliss

With a sauna, Jacuzzi and masseuse onboard why not shake of the chill of the evening with champagne spa bliss beneath the moon. This is the ultimate romantic choice for couples out at sea, especially if you are cruising through the vast wilderness of the Baltic Sea or beneath the looming mountains of Norway.

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Far from the city lights you can see the universe open up above your head and even, if far enough North, you can witness the splendor of the milky way swirling in the sky or the Northern lights crashing her green and gold lights. Sink into steamy bliss with a chilled glass of champagne in the Jacuzzi, duck in and out of the sauna and let the heat unwind your every worry and let the expert healing hands of the masseuse loosen every limb so you can fall into a delectable sweet slumber.

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Perfect Dinner Parties

For those evenings when you feel like dressing up and falling into the arms of social bliss, then superyachts are the perfect places to throw extravagant dinner parties. You can enjoy a silver service sit down dinner with a classical cellist to entertain or you can opt for something more informal with cocktails and canapés on the deck accompanied by a live band.

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With an expert crew to cater for your every need you don’t need to worry about arranging a thing, you can simply don your glad rags and join your guests in the sweet flowing spirits and tinkling laughter that permeates the night sky.

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Dusk Until Dawn Dancing

If you feel like you want to take a walk on the wild side then leave the dinner party behind and opt for a full swing party that echoes from dusk until dawn. Captain Sputh and his crew can concierge all the details for a superyacht party that pulls out all the stops.

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With ample space to dance on the sumptuous polished deck and an incredible sound system, hire a superstar DJ and simply go wild. A well-stocked bar is always on hand meaning that dancing with a top shelf drink in hand is certainly on the cards.

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Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

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