Superyacht Adventure: Discover European Port Towns

Nothing can beat the calm and beauty of life at sea especially when onboard a superyacht charter. Mornings spent lingering over fresh coffee, warm newspapers and flaky pastries, afternoons chasing dolphins or perfecting your dive off the deck and evenings sipping the best cognac and smoking cigars under the millions of stars that seem to tumble into the inky waters.

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MY Starfire makes life on the open seas even better boasting its own signature spa, an open-air cinema for moon glazed movie nights, and a personal chef who never tires of curating exceptional dishes to delight. No matter how grandiose and gifted life on board can be part of the allure of a superyacht charter is stepping ashore to explore the world. When you feel like your sea legs need a stretch then here are some of the prettiest port towns icing the shores of Europe.

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Kotor, Montenegro

An undiscovered Balkan gem that boasts waters of pure blue, UNESCO world history, and comes without the tourist crowds – it’s no wonder Kotor is causing a whisper on the superyacht scene. Mountains, wildflowers, forests, and fjords season the shoreline and as you sail into the bay on MY Starfire, you can raise a champagne cocktail with breakfast and toast what looks to be a wonderful day. The Old Town is perfectly sized for an easy stroll and brimming with churches, courtyards, and cafes spilling out onto the streets. Stop in a sunny piazza for coffee, wander the market and pick up some fresh figs, and admire the frescoes that peel from the wall of the elderly Cathedral of Saint Tryphon.

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Menton, French Riviera

Medieval turrets, citrus blossom in bloom, and alpine slopes gleaming in the sunshine invite you to while away a day or two in the genteel glory of Menton. Whilst many superyachts may flurry around the shores of Monaco and Nice, Menton seems to take the idea of glitz and glamor one step further with its noble gardens, candy-colored homes, and artisan markets. In the citrus gardens you can pluck shiny orbs of clementine’s from the branch, you can ski in the high alpine slopes, or you can simply stroll the medieval town before going back to the bliss of MY Starfire for a market fresh lunch of foie gras, truffles and cheese, and seafood fresh from the line.

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Kas, Turkey

Whitewashed villas, the sweet breath of bougainvillea, and pretty little boats bobbing quaintly in the harbor are the three things that make Kas a delight when exploring the Turkish Riviera. From the bliss and comfort of MY Starfire, you can snorkel and swim in the tropical looking waters and sip thick stewed Turkish coffee on the deck. Afterwards take a lovely walk along the waterfront, watch the fishermen haul in their nets, grab a table with outstanding views and pull the sweet meat away from the crab claws, and be tempted by Turkish wares in the small shops. Kas is a diver’s paradise which means when you get tired of being land bound you can arrange with MY Starfire’s onboard diving instructor to show you the most colorful spots.

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Positano, Italy

Positano seems to capture the very essence of the Italian Riviera and for this reason it is everyone’s favorite spot when exploring the bountiful seafood, lemon grove, and pastel colored shores. This divine little gem will capture your heart in moments with its colorful buildings nestled between the soaring mountains and the deep blue sea. A perfect place to stroll, you can duck into the gorgeous boutiques and buy beautiful Italian wares, you can sit with a gelato close to the shore, and you can take your pick of perfect eateries where checkered tablecloths, homemade pasta, and the fruits of the sea can be devoured with views out to MY Starfire glistening on the waters.

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