Superyacht Charter Experience: Delectable Details

Those who have explored the summer breath of the ocean on a superyacht charter will know that it’s one of the most spectacular ways of traveling in style. A Superyacht charter experience is simply more than sheer indulgence; they seamlessly blend an exceptional mode of transport with the impeccable service and vivid style of a boutique hotel or in many cases a prestigious home away from home. What’s more is that on a superyacht charter you have complete privacy and can be as close to free as you can get.

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The world truly is your oyster when you can choose a destination and set sail into the setting sun. MY Starfire is one of these beautiful boutique experiences on sea, a place where you can spend hours splashing in the waters, sunning on the supreme deck and dining in divine style whilst the crew ensures that your every whim is set. Yet often it’s not the big things that make a superyacht adventure so memorable but the delectable details that remind you that this is truly how the other half live.

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The sweetest surroundings

Whether you are sailing to the sapphire and turquoise coves of the Caribbean or hopping around the French Riviera, often it’s your environment which can make or break a destination. Superyachts have the process of being private meaning that all the attention gets lavished on your own personal surroundings. The beautiful details like finding freshly cut orchids or jasmine scented blooms next to your bed, the pillows plumped and the sheets turned down, your favorite brandy with two glasses on the bedside table, and that magazine you had been asking about already stashed on your desk, these are the things that matter.

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MY Starfire boasts an incredible stately environment that you will want to sink right into. Linger lovingly in the sheets of your master suite, nibble on a delectable breakfast out on the aft deck, soak in your oversized tub and curl up with a good book in the comfort of the light and airy living quarters.

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Gold star personalized service

Even in many of the best hotels in the world, having more than a handful of guests come with a price and that price can be not enough time to dedicate to each and every individual. This is another exceptional benefit of exploring the world on a superyacht – the fact that the space, the crew and the attentional truly are all yours. You won’t have a frustrating wait while management ‘get back to you’, you won’t have to suffer inattentive service, and superyachts pick each and every member of their crew with extreme care ensuring you get only the best.

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The details like having a member of crew hand you a soft and fluffy towel as soon as you emerge from your morning dip in the ocean, having them soundlessly know when you want a cocktail top up or how you like your coffee in the morning, having them go that extra mile to ensure that your evening soiree runs like a dream – these are all the gold standard services you can expect on MY Starfire.

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Delectable dining

Imagine hitting the high seas with your very own personal Michelin inspired restaurant onboard. Dining on your superyacht is like eating out at a gourmet place every night. MY Starfire sought the best chef they could find, someone who was inspired by local produce, creative presentation, and exceptional taste. One night you could be eating fresh lobster bisque on the stunning aft deck with views of the stars, another night you could be eating a five-course sit down silver service supper with friends in the beautiful dining room, and another you could be hitting deserted shores with a picnic basket and your loved ones.

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Yet imagine a restaurant where you get a say as to what goes on the menu, where you can ask for your favorite cheese from France to be imported or for a case of a Sicilian vintage wine you adore to be sent over. Another dazzling effect of superyacht travel is that you never have to compromise and your own unique tastes are celebrated and catered for.

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain MY Starfire at MY Starfire
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