Superyacht Charter in Europe: Explore Beautiful Villages

A superyacht charter in Europe will take you through waters as blue as topaz, alongside islands flushed in emerald shades of green and across villages of whitewashed grace that cling to crumbling cliffs and lonely islands. True Europe is a smorgasbord of culture, food, and fabulous artistic sights that are sure to ignite your imagination. Whether it’s winding down the fjords of Norway feeling the swirl of snow on your face as you sit in the steamy Jacuzzi or whether it’s licking gelato surrounded by seaside charm in the midst of Italy’s colorful Cinque Terre, seeing the true face of Europe means leaving the bustling cities behind and immersing yourself in the slow paced dream of village life.

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MY Starfire and Captain Sputh can show you the rare side of Europe far from the beaten track. In the splendor of opulent surroundings you can weigh your time, cooking in the kitchens of Provence, Jet Skiing around lesser-known Greek islands, hiking through the quaint coastal towns of the Italian Riviera and swimming in lakes and waterfalls somewhere in the charming depths of Croatia.

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Oia, Greece

One of the must-see superyacht destinations has to be Santorini, the spot where the world’s most impressive sunsets dance across the sky with the fall of dusk. Yet those who wish to embrace the smaller side of the island, Oia is the traditional village boasting sun-bleached stone, taverns with exceptionally fresh seafood and sweet honeyed wine that flows like liquid gold. Spend days swimming from the deck of MY Starfire in the bright blue coves, picking figs from silver platters like ancient royalty and watching those pink and lavender sunsets light up the sky with a glass of chilled champagne in hand.

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Positano, Italy

Sailing on a superyacht around Italy is always a dream, this is one of Europe’s finest spots for extravagant dinners laced with wine, sweet pebbled coves with colorful fishing boats, soft and supple leather lighting up the boutique windows and crumbling churches offering altars to the Virgin. Riding into Positano on MY Starfire you can lean over the deck and experience love at first sight. Let the chef hit the seafood market and bring back juicy prawns, pearly clams and ripe lobster for a fabulous supper on board. Rub shoulders with celebrities in the winding streets where windows are glazed with one off souvenirs to take home and take a moonlit kayak out to the quiet coves where you can snuggle on a cashmere blanket and enjoy the stars.

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Geiranger, Norway

The signature postcard for the Norwegian Fjords will always show Geiranger with her creaking wooden farmyards perched precariously on cliffs, her tumbling chasms where waterfalls throw themselves from the lip and the endless blue-green blur of waterways wrapping around the dramatic landscape. Sailing down the fjord on MY Starfire is an out of this world experience but the calming tradition of Geiranger always calls you home. The mountain farms invite you in to sit among the shade of the orchards, slip sweet fudge on your tongue and watch the local lambs bleat beautifully alive in their youth as they stumble through the glens. Aboard MY Starfire, you can warm up from the temperate weather in the sauna, dine on cured reindeer meat and listen to tales of Viking lore with a glass of whiskey in hand.

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Pučišća, Croatia

Gliding into the pint-sized port town nestled amongst the deep cut swaths of green and blue that makes up Croatia you are sure to want to dive right into the welcoming jewels of the water. After a dazzling breakfast of fresh figs onboard you can step ashore where goats ramble up the hillside trails, vineyards string along the coast to meet the sky and traditional stonemason’s homes lend the sound of hammer and sickle beneath the bright blade of the sun. This is a place to walk for miles, to swim in the sweet sea, to pick wild herbs and to read a book in the shade of the pale canopies on deck.

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