Superyacht Charter to Turkey: Delicious Dishes to Try

With a name as alluring as the Turquoise Coast it’s no wonder that superyacht flock to the shores of the Turkish Riviera, the golden sands shimmer, the sapphire and blue-green seas whisper and the landscape changes from poetic rural pastures to exotic and incredibly chic resorts and towns. Turkey is a rare gem to behold and for those who wish for a world of snorkeling in crystal clear waves, sipping elegant cocktails in prestigious beach bars and dining on the freshest flavors – a superyacht charter to Turkey will meet your ever dream and desire.

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MY Starfire delights in journeys to the paradise of Turkey, a place where the west and the east seem to blend in a bountiful display of the slightly exotic and the comforting. A place where you can wake each morning stirring in the unbleached cotton sheets of your master suite to the powder blue sky and the arc of the sun, where standing on the deck beneath the fat moon is a moment laced in romance and where taking the kayak from MY Starfire and heading into the blazing sunset can truly become a reality. When it comes to food the Turkish know how to nibble well, the gardens burst at the seams with fresh vegetables and the seas bring a flurry of fish, when cruising the Turquoise Coast these edible delights are a must….

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One of the highlights of easy breezy mornings along the beautiful Turquoise Coast has to be the moment you wake up and step onto the warm teal deck. Views of sublime beauty, blue, white and gold all sparkle in front of your eyes as you sit down to a dark and deliciously sweet cup of traditional coffee. Traditional Turkish coffee is fine and sandy at the bottom and rich like chocolate at the top, paired with a sticky sweet honey-soaked baklava and your morning will be made –as though sent from the gods. Those who prefer to start the day without such a direct sugar rush can flake away pieces of Borek, a savory pastry laced with salty feta like cheese and spinach. The traditional Turkish breakfast known as Kahvaltı calls on foods of every color and flavor; you can expect tables laden with mountain cheeses, salads, sweet pastries, drizzly amber honey, eggs cooked in every imaginable way and fat olives heaped into delicate finger dishes.

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Spend a vibrant morning exploring the delights of the Riviera. With an expert dive instructor onboard MY Starfire, you can plunge into the blue oasis below and follow the colorful ripple of rainbow shoals. Hike into the hills and discover sites of ancient ruin, or simply find a blue flag beach and stretch out in the golden rays of the sun. When lunch creeps around the corner you can taste olive oil soaked sarma vine leaves, fried anchovies smothered with garlicky aioli, drizzled in lemon and tossed with arugula, mussels stuffed with peppery black rice, Turkish pizza topped with thinly hewn meats fresh from the bone and locum Turkish delight in every imaginable color all dusted with fairy sugar.

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Being beside the jeweled ambiance of the Turquoise Coast is sure to make you want to dabble in the finest seafood. Those who adore fishing can even take the tender and head out into the gauzy blue to cast their lines in the hopes of catching a fresh fish supper for back on the beautiful deck of MY Starfire. If fishing isn’t your thing then one of the dedicated crew members will hit the fishing ports and markets to bring back the finest bluefish, beautiful red mullets, and the largest mackerel. For a dreamy dinner, ask Captain Sputh where you will find a deserted stretch of sand, have one of the crew build a barbeque and enjoy fresh fire over the fire with a bottle of the zestiest white stretched out on a blanket beneath the stars.

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Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

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