Superyacht Charter to Venice: Top 5 Things to Do

Sweeping into the port on a superyacht charter to Venice aboard the luxury craft MY Starfire is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. This evocative and impressive boat is without a doubt a floating oasis boasting six beautiful berths, stately rooms and an incredible aft deck where you can linger in the bubbling Jacuzzi, read a magazine in the shade of the pale cream canopies and even catch a movie beneath the stars in the outdoor cinema.

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Those who are swayed by the promise of fine art, delectable food and romantic streets wrapped in history will fall hard for the splendor of Venetian streets. When stepping ashore in Italy’s perfect hub make sure that you tick off these bespoke things to do in the city of canals and charm.

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Take a Gondola Ride

It may be one of the oldest clichés in the book and even though you have your own beautiful superyacht sitting close by, MY Starfire won’t be able to take you on a sweeping tour of the grand canals. Taking a gondola ride is an amazing way of seeing the city; you can pass beneath gorgeous arched bridges, can slide past windows with wildflowers tumbling and cracked paint peeling, and even bring along a sailor who can sing for the ultimate romantic experience. Whether you opt for a soft sunlit afternoon ride or a glide beneath the stars, it is a sure fire way to fall in love with Venice.

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Visit the Drawing Room of Europe

The Piazza of San Marco is one the prettiest and most impressive squares you will see and is deemed the drawing room of Europe thanks to its extravagant political, religious and historical collection of buildings all gleaming in the same spot. This is where you will find the ornate St Marks Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. It is also the perfect spot to grab a table and order a glass of velvety Venetian wine and listen to the sounds of Vivaldi spilling out in the street. Later when you return to the charm of MY Starfire you can relive the experience with vintage oaky glasses and orchestral magic.

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Shop for Murano Glass

Nothing can be quite as beautiful and treasured as holding your own signature piece of Murano glasswork. Venice is the home of the colorful whipped glass and you can find showrooms and prestigious shops selling the delectable style. Of course, for the real deal ask Captain Sputh to show you the island of Murano along the soft lagoon where you can find artisans blowing beautiful glass bubbles and painting them with an exquisite delicate touch.

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Admire Amazing Art

Like most of Italy, Venice isn’t short of incredible artworks spanning back centuries. After a morning relaxing on the deck of MY Starfire and indulging in a beautiful brunch, you can take a curated tour of the best of the Venetian art scene. Around the city, you will find glorious and gaudy frescoes and essential works of art done by Titian, Tintoretto, Canaletto, and Tiepolo. Walking through the streets of Venice and seeking the finest examples of the brush to the palate can be done at the Galleria Dell’Academmia.

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Dine in Style

One of the best things about being anywhere close to Italian shores is the fact that you can taste the rich and evocative flavors that make Italian cuisine so special. Whether slipping in and out of gourmet restaurants, ordering signature dishes in family run joints or dining beneath the flare of stars aboard MY Starfire you can relish every morsel of Venetian cuisine. Goose simmered in its own creamy fat, succulent meatballs lavished in herbs and river fish caught from the soft lagoons all come together to make exceptional dishes that you will dream of.

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