Superyacht Destinations for Wildlife Lovers

A stuttering of brightly plumed birds taking to the sky, the screech of a monkey high from the gnarly branches of a rainforest, the mammoth fan tail of a great whale sending shocking waves rippling across the ocean – these are the sights worth searching for. Whilst chartering a luxury yacht can be filled with champagne days, supper soirees, beautiful beaches and a flair of finesse, this doesn’t mean that the experience can’t go deeper. Sailing away across the hues of the blue sea searching for moments of rarity and wonder is really what it’s all about, this is the hallmark of a luxury yacht charter. Nature lovers are sure to seek those pristine forests, underwater coral gardens, deserted slips of sand, and patches of open ocean where life lives and blooms. My Starfire is the perfect vessel to take you away to worlds where Mother Nature thrives, with an array of diving and snorkeling equipment onboard you can plunge into the blue abyss to swim with turtles, dolphins and schools of shimmering fish. Take the Jet Ski out and explore the hidden coves of the Caribbean where beautiful birds of a feather flock and the unexpected waits around every corner. Kayak across the fjords of Norway where shy reindeers glisten and gallop across the snow. This is your world, and these destinations can help reintroduce you to a wilder side of life.


Ambergris Caye, Belize

Green tropical jungles, trees that spread their palms and waters so rich and blue it seems to be spun from a fairytale, Belize and Ambergris Caye is the ultimate luxury yacht destination filled with wildlife wonder. Drop the anchor of My Starfire and snorkel along shark ray alley where the gentle beasts of the sea glide gracefully across the shallows by your side. Those who dare can take a romantic moonlight dive when the world is inky black and silent and the nocturnal sea creatures come out in a blaze of color. Up on dry land and you can perch yourself at the Lalas Bird Sanctuary where you can spot a plethora of feathered friends. Jungle trekking will show you howler monkeys screaming from the trees, jaguars slinking in the shadows, bright iguanas bathing on the sunny rocks and sleepy eyed sloths yawning in the mysterious highlands.


Northern Norway

Intrepid luxury yacht sojourns aren’t always about chasing the dizzying heat of the sun, sometimes they are about embracing a world far from the beaten track. Northern Norway is a land of extremes, desolate lands, the kiss of the arctic, deep forests that seem to be tangled in dreams and fierce and unforgiving wildlife. Sailing into Northern Norway on MY Starfire is something you will never forget, in-between jaw dropping adventures this is the place where you will most appreciate the steaming sauna, the bubbling hot tub and endless massages to be found aboard the luxury superyacht. In Svalbard you can witness white polar bears clawing at fish from the rocks, fat walrus shuffling with tusks and roars, and even the stunning and elusive white arctic fox reeling from the shadowlands. Throw into the mix wild reindeer safaris, enormous crowds of puffins, whales crashing into wild blue waters and even the rare sight of wolverines and you have a wildlife show like no other on earth.

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Big Major Cay, Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of those places that seems to call you away from the chilly months, to set sail into a golden gaze of sunlight, a place where palm trees, a splash of rum, crystal clear waters and summer ease welcome you out to play. My Starfire will sweep you away to Big Major Cay, a place where you can see the worlds famous and fun swimming pigs. They may be feral but these gentle Shetland pony sized pigs are the sweetest things and nothing will lift your spirits more than watching them splash and snaffle in the bright blue waters, their pink snouts jutting out as they curiously paddle over to play. You can even swim with the pigs yourself, plunging into the warm arms of the waters to glide alongside these hairy creatures.

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Plitvice, Croatia

Croatia is another luxury yacht summer gem that seems to sweep you up in her green arms and show you a mystical world of wonder. My Starfire has fallen in love with this glorious spot on the Dalmatian Coast where UNESCO walls stand strong against the surge of the tide, golden goblets of wine glug, wild honey and fresh fish adorn the table, and labyrinth like streets meander and wind. For wildlife lovers nothing can compare to walking in a whirlwind of butterflies around the Plitvice Lakes. Turquoise colored lakes become even more ethereal when a cloud of butterflies follows your every step. With close to two hundred species of brilliantly bright butterflies you can be encompassed in a world of color and beating wings.


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