Superyacht Destinations: Getting Back to Nature

There’s nothing quite like dropping anchor in a secluded spot, swimming in waters that offer a view of dense green hills and checking to see that your footsteps are the only sole prints to mark the sand. For some, an idyllic superyacht charter skips the glitz and glamor of the Riviera, glides away from the throngs of people sipping cocktails in overcrowded bars and leaves the heave of the city behind in the place of silence, serenity, and the sweet blossom of flowers. Of course, just because you leave the world behind doesn’t mean you leave luxury, MY Starfire will always bring the finery with her. With an onboard spa, a beautiful calm and quiet deck for reading and relaxing and a dedicated crew who know when to make you laugh and when to slip quietly into the background – you can enjoy life at your own pace, in these superyacht destinations that are a true gift for nature lovers.

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Dominica, Caribbean

Those who adore the buttery sunshine and brilliant blue waters of the Caribbean but want to get off the beaten track will adore the emerald gem that is Dominica. Hailed as Natures Island you could not wish for a better place to drop anchor on these easy breezy shores. The island spills over with rich tropical rainforests where waterfalls tumble and wild flora permeates the air with a sticky sweetness. This is a place to swim in gin colored waters, to dip in soft-lit lagoons and to don your hiking boots and disappear into the shaded nooks of the elderly trees. With such sites like the Boiling Lake and the Emerald Pool, you are sure to be enticed by Dominica.

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Rovinj Islands, Croatia

MY Starfire adores sailing through the heady old port towns that lie scattered across Croatia. Once upon a time superyachts seemed to overlook the rich local history, the UNESCO walled cities, and the elegant cuisine that makes Croatia such a sought after destination, but now the ports are open and the boats they do flock. MY Starfire can take you away from the crowds and to the fragrant and bright archipelago of the Rovinj Islands. Whilst the crowds may flock to the main town where steeple bells ring and fishermen draw in their haul, the islands remain an untapped source of sheer beauty. You can stroll through the golden groves of the Punta Corrente Forest Park, swim and snorkel straight off the superyacht deck in the clear waters around Crveni Otok and picnic on the secluded coves with a gourmet basket from your beloved chef on MY Starfire.

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Porquerolles Island, France

Whilst superyachters and jetsetters will be all too familiar with the names of St. Tropez, Monaco, Nice and Cannes some will have yet to be let in on the secret of Porquerolles. This tiny gem of an island is only a stone’s throw from the elegant Riviera but every bit as whimsical, lovely and untouched as you could hope for. This is a place where the buildings are literally draped in honeysuckle, bougainvillea and wisteria, where vineyards and orchards straddle the lonely cliffs and where the beaches can be found unmarred by a single parasol or sunbed. MY Starfire can show you the delights of this island, a place where you can walk, swim and then return on board to dine on the finest French feasts of fresh seafood, tart cheeses and the crustiest fresh baked breads served with vintage wines.

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Grand Cayman Island

Despite being one of the larger islands, the Grand Cayman is a veritable nature lover’s paradise. Those who adore snorkeling and diving will truly be in their element as you can grab the gear from MY Starfire and skim through the shallows seeking pretty fish or dive to the depths to discover the larger creatures that lurk. Seven Mile Beach may be one of the most popular but with seven miles to wander you can certainly find a soft spot of pure white sand to call your own. On the Mastic Trail, you can see a flurry of butterflies dancing in the crisp golden light, watch iguanas scuttle into the shade and breathe in the glorious air and energy of this pristine paradise.

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