Superyacht Destinations to Show you a European Spring

There is nothing more romantic, inspiring and graceful then the shores of Europe in the spring. From the flower laden meadows of the Med to the crisp melted snow mountain air of Scandinavia, this is a time when the world starts to rouse its sleepy head, to shake dreams from its hair and to stretch like a cat in the sun. Taking a superyacht charter away from the bright lights of the Caribbean and back onto European shores can be utterly refreshing and beautiful, akin to discovering the poetry of the world once more. Whilst the waters may still be a tad chilly, MY Starfire offers the perfect environment for lingering in the loveliness of Europe. Sip clarets of ruby French wines in the comfort of the first class lounge, crack champagne in the steamy bliss of the hot tub, take the tender to shore to explore the wealth and breadth of the Cote D’Azur, and taste your way around the coast of Italy. There is something so raw, beautiful and alive about a super yacht sojourn in spring and these destinations are sure to pluck the wonder from within your soul.

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Arendal, Norway

Spring comes late to the shores of Scandinavia but when it arrives it brings with it the promise of white nights, warmer weather and laughter. After sinking into the depths of darkness and snow, Arendal is more than ready to come out of hibernation making it a beautiful destination for superyacht charters. There is still that cozy wonder that makes snuggling up under cashmere with thick hot chocolates on the aft deck a glorious thing, especially when sailing the majestic fjords. In Arendal the colorful clapboard houses, the breathy clouds skimming a blue sky, and the dark dense woodlands create an image that ingrains in the folds of your mind. Spend your time ashore tasting delectable locally made chocolates, meandering the pretty traditional village of Lyngør and sipping coffee along the waterfront.

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Lesvos, Greece

Taking a superyacht charter around the fair siren song islands of Greece is always a spectacular choice especially when the bloom of spring settles like dust across the island. Lesvos is a lush green paradise where the birds flock, the waters glisten, and the olive groves grow wild. Inviting MY Starfire to drop anchor you can cycle your way around the island, buy fresh and fragrant olive oils from the market as precious as gold, linger over lovely mezze lunches back on the boat, trace your fingers over the famous sensual poetry that made the island famous, and sip ouzo cocktails as you sink into the rich mineral thermal waters that gush and flow generously on this Roman holiday isle.

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Funchal, Madeira

The hills of Madeira are truly arresting with the first kiss of spring, in the waters the dolphins frolic and in the mountains the orchids flourish sending a sweet scent tumbling down into the town. At this time the Atlantic churns making superyacht sailing a little challenging, but once you arrive on the glorious shores you can dine on freshly caught tuna wrapped in banana leaves and rum and lemon cocktails. Take the tender to shore and rent a car for a dazzling drive through the misty scenic mountain roads where valleys plunge and crumbling farmhouses disappear in thickets of flowers and trees. Take the cable car to the top of the mountain, snap photos of the purple jacaranda trees and go fishing out in the coral blue surge of the Atlantic swell.

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Zadar, Croatia

Recently made famous by its beautiful and haunting sea organ, the coastal gem of Zadar has been wrestling the crown away from Dubrovnik and putting Croatia back on the spring time map for superyacht charters. The complex set of pipes sings and soars with the chords of music in accordance to the gentle lapping waves. Zadar is one of those places that invites spring time walks to uncover the ancient history, the roman touches, the forums and churches. After a long meandering walk through town you can return to MY Starfire for a little spa pampering, sauna and hot tub onboard before sitting down to a delectable dinner of squid ink gnocchi and specialist Maraschino Pralines.

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