Superyacht Dishes you Can’t Miss on the Amalfi Coast

Paint box towns clinging to dramatic hills, roads that wind like long forgotten ribbons after a party, the scent of citrus blossom clinging to the air, and the blush of bougainvillea, there is no much to love about the Amalfi Coast. Luxury yacht charters heading towards the Mediterranean bliss of Sicily and beyond are sure to pass from playful Capri down, foodies and wine lovers should certainly take a few days to explore the wealth of the open air pantry that is the Amalfi Coast, cruising from town to town to sample dishes that have surely been sent from the gods. The chef of superyacht My Starfire can whip up wonders when offered the treasures of Amalfi, here the tomatoes seem to blister beautifully in the sun, the mozzarella is like silk, the basil leaves pungent when torn, the rosemary growing wild in the hills, and the seafood as succulent as you could ever hope for. Whether you choose to throw a formal dinner party with the sparkle of silver and white linen or whether you opt for a causal al fresco affair on the aft deck, these superyacht dishes are a must when you drop anchor off the gelato fresh coast of amazing Amalfi.

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Neapolitan Pizza
If there is one place in the world that takes pizza seriously it would have to be Napoli, only a stone’s throw across the bay from sweet Sorrento you can find the cobbled city streets tucked away beneath a weight of washing lines, religious icons and roaring Vespa’s. In Napoli pizza is a perfected art, with marinara sauces bubbling on the stoves for hours, milky mozzarella handpicked from the mountains, and the dough pummeled and kneaded to within an inch of its life before being thrown into the fiery ovens. One bite and you will be in heaven, crisp and chewy on the outside and soft as silk on the inside, this is what pizza should taste like. If you don’t feel like sitting in the basement joints of Napoli then you can send a crew member from your luxury yacht charter to pick up several pizzas and chow down on deck with a bottle of vibrant chilled white to complement.

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Scialatielli ai frutti di mare
Some luxury yacht charter moments are truly unforgettable and the first time you try Scialatielli with the freshest fruits from the sea, you will mark this as one of those things to remember. The traditional local pasta is flat sided, long like spaghetti and adorned with the flavors of beautifully fresh basil and a smattering of fresh pecorino to season. The sauce is simmered using a thick scented broth from the freshly plucked prawns, jeweled cherry tomatoes, gorgeous glugs of golden olive oil, seafood straight from the local dock and lashings of bright chopped parsley to serve. Whether you opt for a light lunch after your morning swim from the deck of My Starfire or a gentle supper beneath the harvest moon that hangs in the sky over the Amalfi coast, this is one of those superyacht dishes that dares to deliver.

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Parmigiana Melanzane
Gooey eggplant simmered with the ripest red tomatoes, lashings of salty, nutty parmesan and pillow soft mozzarella from buffalos, all come together to make one of the best comfort food dishes you can ever find in the whole of Italy. After a day of swimming, splashing, snorkeling and sightseeing from your luxury yacht charter you are sure to have worked up quite the appetite, there can be no better solution than a fresh salad, a beautiful Parmigiana Melanzane and a glass of bouquet bright red to wash it all down. This is one of those dishes you want to enjoy on deck when you are feeling flirtatiously casual, you can dine barefoot in the grace of your own superyacht, you can let the evening sea breeze whip your hair and you can fall in love with the simple things once more.

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Caprese Salad
When the days are warm and the scent of lemons stirs your appetite sometimes you don’t want a large food affair. The caprese salad seems to have been practically invented for the long soft Mediterranean superyacht summers, taking all the colorful things fresh from the garden and making something that shines. Sitting on the aft deck of your luxury yacht charter watching the light slide over Mount Vesuvius you can pick and nibble at a vibrant platter of fat crimson tomatoes, luscious mozzarella, and torn basil leaves all doused and drizzled and dressed to impress in dark chocolatey balsamic, smooth olive oil, and a generous twist of black pepper. This is the perfect choice for light afternoons before you do diving into the waters or take the tender to the charming towns where luscious leather goods melt with softness in your hands and gelatos tempt you in to the chic cafes filled with the lyrical lore of the Italian language.

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Limoncello Cocktails
Whilst sailing on a luxury yacht charter around the pretty postcard images of the Amalfi coast you will be imbued with the citrusy scents and delicious drizzle of lemons. Lemons fat and happy in waxen leaved trees, lemon sugar dusting the tops of cakes, lemon peel unwound in the creamy rich gelatos, lemon squeezed over salt and herb encrusted fish and lemon clinging to the air. Limoncello is a favored drink of the Italians either in a small glass for sipping and shooting or mixed in to make heavenly cocktails. After an afternoon massage onboard My Starfire, a dip in the hot tub and a little pampering you can unwind with a glorious sunny cocktail on deck. Prosecco and limoncello make a beautiful mix when you want the bubbles to celebrate a killer sunset, otherwise you can choose limoncello with raspberry and muddled with basil for a sweet and sour summer cooler.

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