Superyacht Diving: The Ultimate Experience

Long summer days or winter escapades on your luxury superyacht offers plenty of marine-rich opportunities to dive down into the deep. Superyacht diving is, without a doubt, an exciting, rewarding and opulent experience that delivers a rare glimpse into life beneath the blue. Whether you want to drift away with tropical patterned fish, dance with dolphins, discover fallen ships or go where others dare not tread – there is the perfect type of diving out there for you.
Explore these superyacht diving experiences and start planning your next seafaring adventure a thousand leagues beneath the sea.


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Cave Diving – The Caves, Lefkas, Greece

Disappear into the mythical caves and underwater caverns of Lefkas on the olive soaked shores of Greece. Cave diving offers crystal clear waters undisturbed by tidal pulls, sheer visibility and the dozens of meandering passages that ensure an exhilarating sense of exploration. Under the serene lapping waters, you can encounter blossoming corals, gliding turtles, and nibbling reef fish.


Superyacht Diving The Ultimate Experience 2

Drift Diving – Cozumel

For the ultimate relaxing dive experience, let the tides and currents work their magic and lead the way through the haze of blue. Drift diving allows you to feel the pleasant power of the ocean or sea as it pulls you along and makes you feel as though you are flying along without any burdens or baggage. The glowing aqua waters in Cozumel, Mexico will take you on a cosmic journey as you are pulled past a canvas of rainbow coral, schools of snapper and curious grouper.


Superyacht Diving The Ultimate Experience 3

Ice Diving – Norway

Ice diving is certainly not for the faint-hearted as you plunge down into bone-chilling waters with a roof of ice over your head. With only one small entry and exit point cut into the thick frost, this style of diving can push your limitations and evoke a once in a lifetime surge of adrenaline. Yet once down in the deep the rewards come thick and fast. Ice diving in Norway offers a water world of pure silence, untapped visions, monstrous dahlia anemones and scuttling king crabs.


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Night Diving – Bahamas

Beneath a blanket of stars and a waning moon, you can experience the wonder of night diving in the beautiful Bahamas. The pearly sands grow cool under your feet as you pad down to the glittering waters. Once immersed in the warm tropical seas, you can witness nocturnal life beneath the surface. Flash your torch light on colorful, carved tropical reefs, drift around the eerie sunken wrecks and feel your heart race as you think you glimpse a famous reef shark in the midnight shadows.


Superyacht Diving The Ultimate Experience 5

Wall Diving – Turks and Caicos

Imagine abseiling down a sheer cliff underwater with marine life teeming around you and a never-ending plummet into darkness beneath – this is wall diving. Those who have had the pleasure of clinging to a wall as they scale down into the depths say it is an incomparable experience, especially in the lavish Turks and Caicos. The pristine waters with different scales of walls offer remarkable sights as you sink down and down. You can spot cracks housing dreamy eagle rays or canyons where groupers mingle, textured coral walls and the occasional hammerhead shark.


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Wreck Diving – RMS Rhone Wreck, British Virgin Islands

Wreck diving allows you to spark your imagination and make believe you will find sunken treasure chests laden with jewels. Even for those who live on the fringes of make believe, wreck diving holds a mysterious and romantic charm. The RMS Rhone sitting on the sandy floors of the British Virgin Islands is said to be the best wreck dive site in the world. The tragic fate of the ship that sank over 140 years ago is now teeming with marine life. Living coral adorns the mass head, schools of fish flit between the remains of the hull and giant green moray watch you pass.

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