A Superyacht Foodie Adventure Around the Med

Tolkien once said “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” Combining a love of adventure with an adoration of good food can make for the perfect superyacht charter trip. On MY Starfire Captain Sputh and his crew live and breathe the finer things in life and this means ensuring that taste buds are satiated and culinary creations are explored.

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From beautiful morning brunches on the sundeck indulging in glistening fruits to fresh seafood lunches of crab claw and Greek meze, suppers of Sardinian casseroles and handmade pasta with lashings of bold red wine, MY Starfire ensures you get your fill every time. There is no better place to discover the delights of foodie heaven then on the sun soaked shores of the Mediterranean with these gourmet inspired places to stop.

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Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, the more affluent sister of Naples who sits brooding across the bay under the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, is a true paradise for food lovers. From your superyacht charter you can sit in the hot tub sipping Sicilian wine and letting the citrus blossom scent arouse all your senses. With its colorful villages clinging to the cliffs, its winding coastal roads and its fresh faced gelateries adorning the shingle sands, there is something of an old world seaside feel to these part chic part sleepy shores.

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This is the place to pick at flaky sweet pastries in the morning, grab a slice of crispy wood smoked pizza in the afternoon, or enjoy long lingering lunches unashamedly slurping spaghetti with fresh clams. When the lights across the bay glimmer and dusk falls, enjoy a romantic dinner with silky mozzarella in your Capri Salad, the sweetest fish baked and studded on your plate and a heavenly shot of limoncello to cleanse the senses.

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Istria, Croatia

Blue Istria invites you to fall in love as soon as you charter in across the sapphire waters only to be greeted by rolling hills hiding farmhouse restaurants, cobbled streets stashing chic cafes and endless fertile forests where the secret truffle grows fat and happy. Superyacht days in Istria are sublime and after you are done with on board massages, sipping champagne in the Jacuzzi and exploring the shores on a Jet Ski then you can seek the finest food Croatia has to offer.

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Olive oil is used in abundance and is fresh from the first press, the local fish from the waters are dressed to impress with wild mountain herbs and beautiful stemmed sweet asparagus which is grown across the land. Yet the prized white truffle, the black truffle and the winter truffle are truly the stars of the show and are sprinkled generously over a plethora of local dishes. Think thick hearty stews, sweet honeyed figs with smoked ham and easy drinking reds from hillside restaurants with exceptional views.

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Menton, French Riviera

The sleepy village of Menton is often overlooked as superyachts flock to the glamorous shores of St Tropez and Monaco. Yet Menton has so much to offer charter guests with its Italian foodie influence, its French charm and its gorgeous picture perfect harbor dotted with cream colored boats bobbing on the cool blue waters. Take your superyacht to the shores of St Tropez to rub shoulders with the stars, roll the dice in Monaco but when it comes to delectable dining – it must be Menton.

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Home to Mirazur, one of the best restaurants in the world and constantly at a warmer temperature than the rest of France, this place is heaven sent. Chickpea pancakes, sweet onion tarts, an abundance of fresh seafood presented with an artistic twist and lashings of lemons everywhere all combine to make a fine dining experience without the pretension. With its beautiful markets selling everything fresh the chef of MY Starfire will be only too keen to explore the local ingredients and to whip up something truly inspired for starlight dining.

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Corsican gastronomy reflects the landscape, the fertile rolling hills, the bountiful orchards and the rich marine waters. The blend of Italian finesse meets European flair makes for remarkable dining with an emphasis on rustic love. Think slow cooked wild boar as soft as butter, fresh oysters gleaming like diamonds in the sun and creamy goat’s cheese soaked in honey.

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Charcuterie meats hang in the windows of local butchers and Corsican wines are as long and sweet as a midsummer’s eve. Combining the beauty and elegance of Corsican food with the chance to dive from your superyacht deck into crystal blue waters, explore the sun dappled hills and truly escape the outside world makes this a sublime destination with MY Starfire.

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