Superyacht Lifestyle: Enjoy Life’s Little Pleasures

Chartering a luxury superyacht is all about indulging in the finer things in life. From the second you step on board a new world opens up; one that harmoniously blends beautiful views with silver service, private dedicated attention and the chance to explore the world.

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From the lemon soaked shores of Sicily to the azure tapestry of the Caribbean, imagine toasting the day with morning mimosas, snorkeling across jeweled waters and sighing in delight as you watch the sunset press her rosy fingers across the sky, this is superyacht living and this is perfection.

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No luxury superyacht can compare to the elegance and charm of MY Starfire, the award-winning Captain Sputh has curated the perfect environment for exploring the ocean. Polished wood, supple creams and exquisite interior designs offer a floating oasis inside. Breathe in the salt sea air with a dip in the hot tub or curl up and watch the stars unfold on the majestic sundeck.

Superyacht Lifestyle Enjoy Lifes Little Pleasures MYStarfire

Wake up to Ocean Vistas

Leave the sprawl of city living behind and wake to shimmering ocean vistas stretching on to greet the haze of the horizon. Feeling the breath of sea air on your skin and watching green velvet cloaked landscapes glittering in the distance you will feel every tension unwind and melt away. Take breakfast on the Aft Deck with bright tropical fruits and rich dark coffee as you dream away the day.

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Snorkel and Swim in Paradise

Nothing can compare to a mid-morning dip in the sapphire and turquoise hues of blue. With plenty of toys and tenders on board MY Starfire you can dive from the deck or pick the perfect craft to explore the shore. Guests who want a rush of adrenaline can Jet Ski around the golden coast or those who want to take it slow can snorkel across the mirrored surface and admire the rainbow schools of fish flittering beneath the waves.

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Sip Champagne in the Hot Tub

Rest and unwind on board and sink into the steaming bliss of the bubbling hot tub on deck. Let the attentive screw fetch you a chilled bottle of champagne or a perfectly blended cocktail to toast the day. Those who feel in the need of a little perfect pampering can head to the personal spa for tropical inspired massages and exotic treatments.

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Savor the Finest Foods

With a five-star chef whipping up a storm in the kitchen you can be sure that every morsel of your superyacht adventure is perfectly catered to suit your tastes. Innovation, bountiful flavors and divine presentation make every meal a magical experience on MY Starfire. As the ocean is your garden you can delight in Seared sea scallop with tarragon coulis, Crab and sweet potato cakes and poached sea bream. The choice cuts of pork loin with peach and thyme will delight and inspire and the wild mushroom cannelloni is a true taste of heaven.

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Slumber in Master Staterooms

Whether you want an evening rolling the dice in the glitz of Monaco’s casinos or whether you choose to stretch out and watch a movie beneath the stars at the outdoor cinema on MY Starfire, you still want to retire to calm and soothing suites. The sleeping quarters on the luxury superyacht boast beautiful king beds adorned in soft white sheets perfect for slumbering soundly as you journey across the seas.

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Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain MY Starfire at MY Starfire
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