Superyacht Luxury Charter: European Souvenirs

On a superyacht luxury charter to Europe you will visit one of the continents that seems to slip into mind as soon as the summer rolls around. Perhaps it is the first burst of Bougainvillea you see that brings to memory tiny alleyways in golden stone French towns, or maybe seeing the red lip of cherries at market reminds you of the smeared kisses of wild berries strung along the coast crossing the Cinque Terre, maybe you catch a sunset trimming the horizon and it reminds you of the blazing glory of Santorini, whatever the case, Europe is always close to mind for those who have ventured across the seas.

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MY Starfire can always be at your beck and call for those times when you feel the need to soak up the culture, class and high cuisine of Europe. Onboard you can breeze through life lingering in the delights of beautiful brunches on the aft deck, midnight movies beneath the stars at the open air cinema, and healing therapies in the onboard spa. Those who want to explore the beautiful boutiques, the tiny craft stores, the incredible galleries and the bustling markets that punctuate the landscape should be sure to pick up these treats to take back home from your European superyacht luxury charter.

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White Cotton from Ibiza

Superyachts adore the White Island of Ibiza and for good reason, this is an island with many faces. On one side of the island, you can find late night parties, colorful cocktails and international DJ’s turning up the tunes for international trendsetters. On the other side, you have bronzed hippies in beads beating drums and selling handmade goods, and then on the other you have cosmopolitan loungers, world-class beach clubs, and beautiful boutiques. When visiting the White Island be sure to hit the Old Town and to buy something pretty in perfectly woven white cotton. From easy-breezy summer dresses to intricate tablecloths, blouses and trousers, the white cotton garments of Ibiza are as cool as a kiss against your skin and incredibly well made ensuring they stand the test of time.

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Limoncello from Sicily

Sicily, the land of lemons – as soon as your superyacht sails across the bright blue bay the overwhelming scent of zest will tumble down the cliffs, mingle with sea salt and rush to greet you. This is a place where you will adore every moment onboard MY Starfire, whether it’s mornings dipping in and out of the cerulean waters or afternoons digging into spaghetti with fresh clams and a gorgeous grating of Italian cheese, every second from Sicily is heaven sent. One of the best things to get your lips tingling in Sicily is the limoncello and you are sure to want to take a bottle or two home. Pristine diamond clear liquor is awakened with the lively zest of bright golden sun-like orbs of lemons to bring all kinds of sweetness to your soul.

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Signature Perfume from Grasse

The French Riviera is always a gem like destination and when exploring the heady delights you can leave MY Starfire docked in the bay and take a short sweet drive through the lavender fields of Provence and into pretty Grasse. The golden meadows, the tumble of wildflowers and the fragrant valleys create the perfect backdrop for the perfume capital of Europe. Grasse has its roots firmly in the sweet scents and has been perfecting the art of fragrance since way back when. Visiting the fascinating little workshops and breathing in the jasmine, violets and mimosa is enough to make anyone fall in love. With personalized perfume making workshops, you can create your very own signature scent that is sure to leave a line of envy in your tracks.

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Leather Sandals in Greece

In the ancient days, everyone wore sandals as they plucked olives from branches across Greece and pored over poetry books. Slip your feet into something truly elegant, soft as silk, tan as a gladiator’s skin, and made to last forever and a day with some authentic leather sandals. These are the perfect footwear for evenings when you don’t want to dine on MY Starfire and prefer instead to explore the maze of tight-knit towns. You can find stunning leather sandals across the shores of Greece, but the stars tend to favor a little hub in the capital aptly named The Poet Sandal-maker of Athens.

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