Superyacht Soirees: Cocktail and Canapé Ideas

Whether you are soaking up the sultry air of pearls and gold on the shores of Monaco or swaying in the breeze in the blue bliss of the Bahamas, superyacht soirees are the only way to enjoy sun dappled evenings when the moon rises and floods the sea with glitter. MY Starfire is the perfect environment for throwing that starlight soiree you have been thinking of; with a seamless interior bedecked in superior style, an aft deck offering plenty of space, opulent seating and billowing white canopies, and a dedicated crew who can move through the crowds with silver platters and champagne flutes, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

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Guests can linger in the bubbling hot tub, can dive off the deck for a moonlit swim, can listen to music through a state of the art system or even dance along to a live band, and can feast on the finest array of delights. MY Starfire boasts its very own incredible chef who will help you to plan a menu of canapés and cocktails to complement the beauty and grace of the night. Take a look at some of these tantalizing ideas for your next cocktail party…

Superyacht Soirees Cocktail and Canapé 2

Black Tuna Ceviche with Grapefruit and Lemongrass Crush

Nothing says welcome to the exotic ocean quite like ceviche! Of course ceviche can be curated from your favorite fish and it is always best choosing the local star. In this case, a hint of Mexican magic is brought to the surface with rich and dark black tuna marinated for hours in lime until as soft as a dream with a hint of zest. Serve on top of delectable crunchy homemade toasts and with a tall glass of your favorite spirit muddled with grapefruit, lemongrass and a shot of sugar. With plenty of ice, this cool and chic combo is sure to cool your guests down in no time.

Superyacht Soirees Cocktail and Canapé 3

Fig and Prosciutto Rolls with a Ruby Prosecco

On the shores of Italy when sailing through the delights of Sicily or around Capri, nothing beats the sweet meat of roasted figs. Treat your superyacht guests to a sliced roasted fig wrapped in the finest cured prosciutto fresh from market, topped with peppery arugula and glued down with a dab of creamy whipped mascarpone and you have a canapé that calls on all the senses. In keeping with the Roman holiday theme, you can serve alongside a beading glass of chilled prosecco topped with a shot of raspberry liquor, culled with fresh pomegranate juice and adorned with a vibrant red berry.

Superyacht Soirees Cocktail and Canapé 4

Lingonberry Swedish Meatballs with a Vodka Martini

If you are sailing down the Fjords or around Scandinavia then stay true to the roots of the region with meatballs and vodka. On the surface this doesn’t sound like a hip affair but when your guests are gasping at the thunder of waterfalls, the melting pot of stars strung overhead and the lights glimmering from rustic red cabins, this combo will be right at home. So soft you could die, Swedish style meatballs are baked with a delectable sweet lingonberry jam for dipping. Served with a shaken not stirred martini made from the local ice cold and crystal clear vodka you couldn’t ask for a better blend of simple flavors to accompany the stunning vista painted before your deck.

Superyacht Soirees Cocktail and Canapé 5

Chicken Liver Mousse on Brioche with Port Pear

When docked in the bright lights of the beautiful French Riviera it’s time to bring out a little je ne sais quoi. These buttery brioche bites bring just the hint of sweetness you need to temper the creamy dreamy lightly whipped chicken liver mousse. Often described as the chocolate cake of the savory world, chicken liver is cloying and heady on the tongue. Serve with a beautiful tumbler of dark plum colored tawny port, a splash of syrup and pear eau de vie, top with a glazed pear and plenty of ice and you have yourself a pure piece of French fancy for your superyacht soiree.

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