A Superyacht Spa Day in Ischia

Even though MY Starfire offers sensual spa treatments on board, sometimes it is refreshing to step ashore and discover the charm and culture of a place. Those guests looking to immerse themselves in perfect pampering bliss should sail to the jeweled green island of Ischia. This island of delight, laden with the fine wines, foods and fascinating history that makes Italy such a dream destination, is renowned as one of the most important healing centers in the whole of the Mediterranean. Water, fire, air and earth can all be found on the sun splashed spa retreat shores of Ischia, making it a pristine superyacht destination worth stopping by.

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Sorgeto Springs

Start your delectable spa day immersed in the natural hot springs of Sorgeto. The tiny curve of beach reached by a series of sharp steps makes the mesmerizing spot all the more worthwhile. The underground volcanic heat rises, steams and bubbles in the rock pools creating a natural Jacuzzi with a breathtaking panorama. Embrace the experience by using some of the naturally formed volcanic mud as a face mask and allow your skin to drink up the essential vitamins and minerals.

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Complete Wellbeing at Cavascura

Bring a little ancient knowledge to the healing table at Ischia’s oldest and most renowned spa and wellness centre. Here you can bathe in the roman grottos, listen to the tinkling of the springs, breathe in the scent of violet wildflowers and take your pick of endless spa and beauty treatments to leave you feeling born again. Duck into a closed cave for a natural sauna, stand beneath the natural warm showers that tumbles off the mountain and reconnect your body with nature once more.

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Shower with the Nymphs

This floral adorned retreat was dedicated to Apollo and his nymphs and offers cool, pristine waters perfect for drinking deep or invigorating all the sense in the heavy heat. Surrounded by the sounds of nature and with delicate island flora spilling into the air, there is no better place to soak up the tranquility of Ischia. The mineral properties of the water cascade over your skin leaving it soft and supple to the touch.

A Superyacht Spa Day in Ischia 4

Treatments and Dining at the Terme Manzi

Finish your decadent spa day on the shores of Ischia with a visit to the deluxe grounds and plush surroundings of the Terme Manzi Hotel. Here you can soak in the “Gurgitiello” springs, find your inner peace with an emotion shower and lay back in bliss with a hot stone therapy massage.

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Feeling refreshed you can satiate your appetite in the softly lit courtyard of the Gli Ulivi restaurant, shadowed by century-old olive trees.

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Finally, return to the pleasures of your luxury superyacht charter for a fresh fruit cocktail on the sun deck. Watch the stars prickle the sky before falling into a sweet slumber in the rich fabrics of your plush cabin bed.

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