Superyacht Tour: Inspired by Game of Thrones

Fantasy, history and the plight for power all come into play in HBO’s ever popular show stopping series Game of Thrones. Of course, the books came before the series as avid fantasy readers will concur. This summer you have the chance to plan your own perfect superyacht tour to all the hottest spots in the seven kingdoms. MY Starfire sails the breadth of the Mediterranean ensuring that you can drop by Kings Landing, you can marvel at medieval grandeur in Malta, you can take the path to Mereen and you can let your imagination run wild as you experience a land far beyond this world.

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MY Starfire is the perfect vessel to take you on this awe-inspiring journey, with beautiful surroundings and the finest comforts you can live the life of Targaryen royalty while onboard. Suites bring together beautiful fabrics, oversized tubs and stately spaces for the sweetest slumber, on the deck you can sink down into the bubbles of the warm Jacuzzi, sip the finest golden Arbor wines and feast as though it was King Joffrey’s wedding every night beneath the glaze of stars. With an outdoor cinema onboard this is also your chance to catch up on the latest episodes as you glide from set to set.

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The Azure Window, Gozo

Those who have been following in the footsteps will recognize this famous spot as the place where Daenerys Targaryen became the beloved Khalessi after marrying Khal Drogo. The Azure Window is one of Malta’s most beloved spots and is a must see for those passing through on their superyacht. After spending days diving from the deck of MY Starfire, snorkeling in the brilliant blue waters and tempting your taste buds with the finest foods then be sure to stand at the golden rock arches that frame the stunningly blue sea.

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Kings Landing, Croatia

The UNESCO wonder of Dubrovnik also caught the TV producers’ eye when seeking the perfect spot to play Kings Landing. Home of the throne and the capital of Westeros this is the place where all the backstabbing’s, murmurings, and murders take place. Sailing your superyacht into Dubrovnik is always a sight for sore eyes particularly when you gaze at the historical walls protecting the city and the green mountains flanking the pretty picture perfect town. Inside the walls of Dubrovnik, you can also find the Fort Lovrjenac which doubles up as the infamous Red Keep in the world of Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik is a superyacht dream, take a Jet Ski from MY Starfire and don’t be shy about exploring the coast.

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House of the Undying, Croatia

Also in Croatia you can stumble upon the famous House of the Undying, one of the signature scenes in the second series, and one of the moments where Daenerys had to assert her prowess. Minceta Tower, as it known in the real world is another of Dubrovnik’s wonders and its spiraling dark tower is enough to fan the flames of your imagination. Of course, you can discover even more of the Queen of Cities Quarth close by as you journey to Lokrum, along the coast of Dubrovnik. This is the perfect place to hike in the green hills until you reach a spot where you can see the whole of the National Park spread beneath your feet and even as far as towards MY Starfire gleaming like a diamond in the bay.

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Brasvos, Croatia

As one of the mystical lands across the narrow sea, the tiny town of Sibenik seems to capture the spirit of Brasvos perfectly. Bravos is the place that takes in Arya Stark as she flees from the clutches of those who want her head in Westeros, it is a land of sailors and one of the free cities. As you glide past the jumble of boats on the bay and the flurry of harbor activity you couldn’t feel any better placed. Spend your days in Bravos exploring the medieval town on foot, supping on the freshest simplest delights of seafood and of course catching up on your favorite Game of Thrones book back in the bliss of MY Starfire.

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