The Best Small Islands in the Bahamas for Superyacht Charters

Charter yachts take to the beautiful Bahamas like a fish to water, this is a whirlwind journey of rum soaked cocktails, sunlight warming your skin, luxurious saltwater lapping and powdery soft sands. On great Grand Bahama you will find guests from around the globe fanning themselves in the palm tree shade, you will find lovers walking hand in hand in honeymoon bliss along the shimmering finger of sand that makes up Musha Cay and you will find snorkelers galore traversing the limpid blue waters of Crooked Island. My Starfire seems to make Caribbean dreams come true, a floating oasis where you can sink down into bubbling bliss in the hot tub after an adrenaline fueled morning on the waves, sup on blue lobster and champagne beneath the glitzy humid stars, and discover a plethora of jewel like islands strung like pearls across the depths of the marine rich blue seas. Those who want to get off the tourist track and into undiscovered waters can take their charter yachts to these gloriously small and remote islands in the Bahamas.

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Bimini Island is a fisherman’s dream, a rare little wonder where the crowds never come, the waters are teeming with fat tuna, and everything is as peaceful and perfect as can be. Bimini is a perfectly honed secret and gliding into these luminescent waters in your luxury charter yacht you will feel as though a spell of enchantment has been cast. Dine on a fresh conch salad and cold beer in ramshackle wooden huts, take the kayak out across the thick mangrove cays where stingrays drift like angels and sharks dart creating navy shadows in the luscious tapestry of aquamarine blue. Head to the healing hole mineral springs that bubble close to the creek, sink down and let the rich minerals soothe all aches and pains, and then sit on the deck of My Starfire watching the schools of dolphins race and frolic in the waves. Of course Bimini is known for its exceptional fishing so take the tender and head out into the depths of the blue, cast your line for oversized juicy tuna, red snapper and wonderful wahoo for the chef of My Starfire to fire up the barbeque for a fabulous supper.

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As thin as an arrow and flanked by sands that shimmer in shades of soft pink and white, Eleuthera is an island dream for those who want to drop anchor somewhere hush and humid. The waters here come in every shade of blue, soft and lapping musically at the shore. The vibe is sleepy, palm trees sway, hammocks are abandoned to the shade and the coconuts fall with a gentle knock. You can spend hours with a snorkel exploring the bright rainbows of Eleuthera’s underwater world, you can take a dusty golf cart down along deserted tracks where chickens peck the ground and duck into the shady nooks of tangled vine. You can drop anchor close to the glorious paradise of Harbour Island and swim in the silvery blue waters before basking like a cat in the sun back on the luxury deck of your charter yacht.

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Mayaguana is the most isolated slips of sand you can find in the whole of the Bahamas, this is a place where no other footsteps fall, where the thriving colonial towns of the other islands seem a world away, and where you will find fewer than three hundred habitants scattered across the isle. Peace and tranquility is certainly the name of the game, take the tender from your charter yacht to Horse Pond Beach and watch the locals hunt for the large land crabs that provide one of the staple dishes on the island. Local life here is simple, fishing boats depart early in the morning and watching them bob on the horizon oozes the calm and charm you have surely been seeking. The corals are sumptuous in color and perfect for first timers with their warm and welcoming shallow depths. In the evening you can sip the finest rum and watch the stars and comets careening across the sky unfiltered by light pollution.


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Rum Cay
The sleeping beauty of the Bahamas is flushed with purity at every turn. This is a place where you long to walk miles and miles upon the silver sands, where you dream of sunrise dips from the deck of My Starfire into the surreal blue and where the rolling hills begged to be climbed and conquered with a picnic basket in hand. Christopher Columbus made this divine little spot his second stop when discovering the exotic nature of the Caribbean on his voyage to the new world, history abounds with cave paintings and ancient utensils left over from the 16th century. Fill your charter yacht days rambling around the island, indulging in coconut inspired spa treatments to the trilling of the feathered birds, and laughing with locals over the freshest seafood swimming in spice in the tranquil village like hub of Port Nelson.

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