The World’s Most Expensive Beer for your Superyacht Charter

There can be nothing more rewarding in this world then sitting on the cream colored deck of your luxury yacht charter with an ice cold beer in hand. The cry of the gulls, the playful splash of waves on the hull, and the vision of blue on blue, this is the perfect backdrop to raising a toast with one of the world’s most expensive beers. MY Starfire boasts a plethora of jaw dropping spots in breathtaking destinations. Quench your thirst in the bubbling Jacuzzi somewhere lost in the Lofoten Islands, sip something cool after taking the plunge and snorkeling in the blue holes of Belize, or pour the perfect pint as you gaze upon Italy’s Cinque Terre. This is the time to sip something truly remarkable and these connoisseur beers are sure to make the grade.

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Tutankhamun Ale

Inspire your taste buds with the flavors of the Pharaohs, with a sip of Tutankhamun’s own personal ale. This brilliant brew was stumbled upon by a Cambridge archeologist who found Queen Nefertiti’s Royal Brewery. With residue of the ancient beer hidden within the remains, specialist brewers were able to reconstruct the historical taste, right down to the very last ingredient. The hazy gold coloring, the dance of sweetness and spice, and the crowning glory of toffee and fruit makes this a remarkable experience. This one may be tricky to get your hands on with the company who recreated it now out of production, but in the spirit of mythology it is said that there are still a few brews knocking around. If you do happen to find a tipple of Tutankhamun, then it is sure to make the perfect party piece at your next superyacht soiree.

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Samuel Adams Utopia’s

Boston and beer seem to go together like pearls and lace which means it’s no wonder that Samuel Adam’s curated one of the world’s most luxurious, expensive, and truly beautiful beers. Right down to the gleaming copper bottle, as soon as you pour the beer it fills the glass with a glowing red mud color. The taste is said to be kissed by fire, tasting like port, dark fruits, aged oak, and true inspiration. Only three thousand of these beers every hit the market making them highly coveted by connoisseurs. This is the perfect after dinner taste for those who are looking for a signature alternative to cognac. Enjoy on the deck of MY Starfire superyacht, beneath the stars or over a lingering game of chess in the state room.

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Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager

The Australians know fine wine with their spilling vineyards, cool ocean breezes and sultry summer days. Yet they don’t stop at wine, they are also impeccable at creating craft beers. Crown Ambassador blended these worlds crafting a beer that would stand up against some of the world’s most glorious wines, complete with velvet casing. Handpicked hops are aged in old French oak barrels for years and years until the taste is just right. Creamy biscuit and toffee plays on the nose, treacle and nuts dance on the palate, and the finish is soft, elegant and heartwarmingly gentle. This is the perfect special occasion pour for the end of a great day, snorkeling in the coral gardens, jet skiing along the coast, and indulging in spa treatments on your luxury yacht charter.

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Antarctic Nail Ale

Those who adore spending time living the fine life upon the high seas will understand how important it is to preserve the poetry of our oceans. As the most expensive bottle of beer in the world the Antarctic Nail Ale both celebrates and supports the ocean. With its water content crafted by melted glacial icebergs and all profit going to Sea Shepherd, this is one toast that you can truly raise with a cheer. Hailed as the purest beer in the world, Sea Shepherd flew all the way to the Antarctic to collect the ice before helicoptering it back to Tasmania for melting and carrying it all the way to Perth to be brewed. The taste of millennia can be found in this bottle, and with its ice cold crispness there could be no better way to enjoy it then sitting on the deck of MY Starfire watching palm trees sway in the soft buttery light of the Caribbean.

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