Time at Sea: The Best Reflective Activities on your Superyacht Charter

Imagine surrendering to the serenity of the sea, gazing out across the sun dappled waters and the sky that seems to melt with the waves on the horizon. Imagine the fragrant scent of lemons and olives blending with salt from the nearby islands and hearing nothing but the splash of ocean and the occasional cry of birds as you journey ahead. For many people vacations are filled with noise, sights that crowd your vision and the endless search for somewhere to stay, something to eat, someplace to visit, yet with a superyacht vacation you get the greatest gift – time.

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MY Starfire offers guests a bounty of time, time to think, play, rest, eat and explore. With a team of discreet and dedicated crew members you won’t want for nothing and can spend your days immersed in the hot tub, brunching on board, playing in the waters and enjoying the finest food from every corner of the globe. Yet there is also time to reflect, time to think and time to reconnect with who you are. When you have all the time you need at sea you can turn your energy within and concentrate on what matters the most.

Best Reflective Activities on your Superyacht 2

Practice Yoga or Meditation

Nothing will send a shiver of peace down your spine like waking to see a tapestry of blue and gold with every moment of the rising sun. This is the perfect time to pad barefoot down to the sundeck and practice the art of yoga or meditation. You will be amazed how clear your mind can become when the outside noise is drowned by the sound of soft surf. Reconnect with the elements as you feel the ebb of the ocean beneath the hull and take time to stop, to breathe, to feel the sun glaze your skin, to stretch and to meditate and be ever present in the moment.

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Write your Memoirs

Have you always dreamed of putting pen to paper and telling your story? Often it’s hard to find the time to indulge in our creative nature but when you are out in the midst of the deep blue sea you have all the time in the world. Inspired by the sights and sounds of travel you can weave your own stories, tell your memoirs, pen the great American novel, or simply be spurred on by the beauty of the sky and the sea. Moby Dick, The Old Man and the Sea, The Odyssey; these are all tales that were kindled by the open ocean. With a tall cool drink, the billowing white canopies and nothing but peace and quiet; this is your time.

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Spend Time Together

One of the joys of a superyacht charter is the fact that you get the chance to build your own world and this means time to spend with those you love. Soaked in sheer luxury with everything you could ever wish for at your fingertips this is the perfect environment for seasoning your love with romance or spending time playing with the children.

Best Reflective Activities on your Superyacht 5

Those seeking romance can switch off, can spend hours soaking in the hot tub, sipping champagne, planning moonlit picnics on secret coves and kayaking out together into the expanse of the ocean. Families can fill days with love, light and laughter –take the children snorkeling, find a private beach and light the barbeque, play games and fill every second with precious memories to keep locked in your heart forever.

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Take a Load Off

On land it’s easy to get swept away with the push and shove of the modern world but when you are on a superyacht charter you are in a dream environment to simply relax and take a load off. Without any other guests to distract you from yourself you can stretch out on the daybed for hours, let the sun kiss your skin and read that book you have been waiting for.

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You can pamper yourself to perfection and let the soft hands of the onboard masseuse unravel every worry. You can graze on fresh shellfish and vintage wines to the sweet surrender of music and you can sleep a thousand golden slumbers in your stately sleeping quarters without the need to set an alarm.

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