Tips for Buying Beautiful Things for your Superyacht

Luxury yacht interiors should blossom with comfort and beauty, they should echo with the warmth of home, and they should exude perfectly poised hints about who you are and what you love. Part of the fun of owning a gorgeous glitzy superyacht is the fact that you can curate your own floating oasis, a tailored paradise that puts the prongs in your heart. From selecting soft as silk cashmere throws to choosing the right artwork to adorn the walls, the best artistic pieces for the tables and the right wine decanter for that beautiful bottle of ruby you have been saving, these are decisions that will help your super yacht to shine like a rare and wondrous diamond.
My Starfire understands the significant emotions that come with creating just the right environment. We are lucky enough to have had master interior designer Zuretti to bring the beauty to our floating haven, with nautical touches of bliss paired with flourishes of the Orient. Luxury yachts sail from the colorful shores of the Caribbean to the lovely lace and Murano glass villages of Venice, giving you the perfect chance to splurge on special things for your superyacht. Take a look at these ideas to help you turn your environment into something truly inspiring.

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Luscious Linens

Linens can truly turn a suite or cabin into something exceptional especially when you select something that oozes with refined quality. Heirloom style linens should be carefully considered even in as much as the towels in the bathroom should match in shade or tone to beautifully bring everything together. Think about coloring when selecting linens for your luxury yacht. Superyacht cabins and suites should play with the natural light, should be dappled in sunlight, and should make you feel fresh as soon as your eyelids flutter. Of course the coloring will need to match the furniture which is often highly polished wood or something more elaborate. Pure linen, lavishly grown cotton, slips of silk, cashmere throws, embroidered vintage lace, and hints of gold, nautical piping – all these things can be considered when choosing beautiful linens for your floating bed in the midst of the blue sea.

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Bar Accessories

From decadent decanters to crystal tumblers, beautiful ice buckets and so much more – you can truly create an award winning designer bar space on your very own luxury yacht. Ralph Lauren do some truly stunning decanters especially the Broughton Decanter carved from crystal. For wine glasses you cannot go wrong with Wedgewood especially their exclusive range edged with gold or the St Louis thistle glasses for that hint of medieval chic.

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Vases and Jars

Fresh cut flowers on your superyacht charter are the perfect way to bring a dose of floral beauty and breath of floral air to your surroundings. Your luxury yacht crew are sure to pick the perfect blooms whether the bright bounty of flowers from the meadows of Madeira or yellow elders from the breezy blue shores of the Bahamas. Signature vases can add a touch of sheer elegance to your interior, the Lalique midnight blue selection adds that softly softly nautical essence that blends beautifully with the salt sea air and the myriad of sky meets oceans hues. For decorative bowls brimming with petals or floating lotus blooms look to L’Object for their gilded silver and gold bamboo bowls.

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Sweet Silverware

No sit down dinner on your luxury yacht would be complete without the chance to lay the silverware on cream colored linen. Every elite diner understands just how much pleasure seeing the silver gleam can bring to a truly delectable gourmet five star experience. Arthur Price of England certainly know how to dazzle with their premium pieces that have been wowing the dining world since 1902. The Titanic Luxury Collection captures a heartbreaking moment in history and is a replica of the silverware used on the doomed ship. For something with a more modernist edge you could turn to cutlery by Robbe & Berking Alt-Kopenhagen with its beautiful embossed detail helping it stand out from the crowd.

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