Top 10 Indulgences Aboard a Superyacht

Feeling the sun on your skin, the sound of the waves rippling beneath the stern and languishing on deck with silver service, plush furnishings and your every need considered is the best way to escape and relish every second on your luxury superyacht. Take a look at these top 10 MY Starfire indulgences that will help create memorable moments.

Morning Brunch

Start the day blissfully with your choice of a la carte breakfast on the deck, your table laden with jeweled fruits, dark sweet brewed coffee, flaky pastries and freshly squeezed orange juice. You can peruse the morning papers, leaf through your favorite magazines or pick up a book as the sun rises like a mast over the sparkling waters.


Top 10 Indulgences Aboard a Superyacht 1

Make a Splash

Refresh your senses and take a dive off the side of the yacht. Feel the cool blue of the waters close around you as you take a mid-morning swim in the warm and welcoming sea. This could be the perfect time to have a little fun whizzing around on your seabob for a true wake-up call.


Top 10 Indulgences Aboard a Superyacht 2

Jet Ski Safari

Explore the hidden coves on your own Jet Ski safari. Racing around the lush bays backed by dramatic coastal scenery offers you the chance to discover secret spots and secluded beaches with no other footprints upon the sands.


Top 10 Indulgences Aboard a Superyacht 3

Learn a Water Sport

Keep the adrenaline levels soaring high and push your boundaries to the max with an exciting water sport experience. Whether you want to skim across the glassy surface on a water-ski, treat your need for speed with a wakeboard, or explore the bright underwater kingdom with a private dive, the possibilities are endless.


Top 10 Indulgences Aboard a Superyacht 4

Relaxation On-board

After spending all that energy out on the water, take some time to enjoy a little rest and rejuvenation. Let those aches and pains melt away with a luxurious massage on board your superyacht. Take a while to unwind in the steamy sauna and finish off with a glass of champagne in the Jacuzzi.


Top 10 Indulgences Aboard a Superyacht 5

Cocktail Hour

Let your personal serving staff shake you up a bright and beautiful cocktail, the finest brand names, the freshest fruit and a decadent touch to presentation makes cocktail hour nothing but sheer pleasure. Sit with friends and enjoy fine conversation, fabulous music and unrivaled views of the sun sinking like a stone.


Top 10 Indulgences Aboard a Superyacht 6

Fine Dining

Gourmet dining aboard your superyacht is the finest way to start the evening. Choose from a la carte, buffet or silver service and sample prestigious dishes using only the very best ingredients. Linger at the linen covered table under soft candlelight and stars and discover paradise flavors and first class dishes.


Top 10 Indulgences Aboard a Superyacht 7

Cinema Under the Stars

Snuggle up under a soft cashmere blanket for a classic movie showing on the sundeck. With the midnight blue sky and the falling stars as your backdrop, you can snack on caramel drizzled popcorn or homemade ice cream in every flavor as the action unwinds on screen.


Top 10 Indulgences Aboard a Superyacht 8

The Perfect Finish

End your gorgeous day with a hot bubble bath, candles and a glass of champagne. Afterwards wrap yourself in a soft, fluffy robe and retire to the lounge to sit back with a good book in hand.


Top 10 Indulgences Aboard a Superyacht 9

Fine living is filled with moments of sheer delight, delicate luxuries and a charming environment that allows you to relax every second of the day. This is exactly what you can enjoy when you choose to indulge in MY Starfire’s superyacht experience.

Top 10 Indulgences Aboard a Superyacht 10


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