Top 10 Superyacht Cocktails

After a day of fun in the sun you might be weary from all the exciting escapades that the day presented to you. Be it maneuvering from one gorgeous bay to another, deep-sea fishing or sightseeing on land, nothing beats watching the sunset from your sun deck with a one-of-a-kind cocktail in hand. What many people do not realize is that the art of mixology is very important when shaping the perfect cocktail. Be it following a specific recipe or constructing one from scratch, selecting the right ingredients is key. From classic Pina Coladas with a twist, to high-end mixes that encompass limited edition spirits, take your pick from these classy superyacht cocktails. Curated by Rachael Bryant, stewardess aboard MY Starfire, here are the top 10 superyacht cocktails to enjoy while at sea.

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Pina Colada

As cliché as it may seem, sipping on a Pina Colada is as tropical and beach-y as it gets. There is just something about this concoction that seems so right when sipped from a twisty straw on the deck of a picture-perfect superyacht. Although the coconut cream and blended pineapple tend to mask its taste, the magic comes down to using the best quality rum available. From dark to light rum, and even coconut rum like Malibu, take your pick from the best of what is available and sip away.

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Bloody Mary

There is just something refreshing about a Bloody Mary that makes it so perfect at the end of a hot day. Get your hands on a bottle of French Grey Goose and see where the evening takes you.

Espresso Martini

Try some top shelf vodka and coffee liqueur like Kona Gold Coffee Liqueur. Kona Gold is highly sought after as the coffee beans are only grown on the slopes of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea volcanoes.

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Rum Punch

This delicious concoction is not for the faint hearted. If you want to be exact, use a mix of three different types of rum that will hit the spot on every level. Recommended rums are Black 33 OP, Mount Gay Special Reserve and classic Malibu for that dash of coconut flavor.

White Cosmopolitan

This classic favorite can do no wrong. Instead of red cranberry juice, use the white version. You can also shake it up a little more by replacing the dash of classic triple-sec Cointreau with some high end Solerno blood orange liqueur.

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At the end of a long day, a classic Mojito is the way to go. Ensure that the mint leaves are organic and ultra fresh. As for the white rum, go with Bambu or LVMH’s 10 Cane.

St. Germain Sangria

This fruity concoction calls for freshly sliced grapes, berries, oranges and apples. When it comes to the alcohol, only use top shelf products like Conintreau, St. Germain elderflower liqueur and top-notch Sauvignon Blanc. Opt for a bottle from France’s Loire Valley and your cocktail will be the talk of the harbor.

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French Martini

Unlike James Bond’s favorite drink, this one has a fruity twist to it. Pick up a bottle of Grand Marnier Quintessence or Cuvee du Cent Cinquantenaire to give your drink that extra edge.

Lychee Caprioska

The secret in this drink lies in the vodka and lychee liqueur that you use. Go with Grey Goose or Stolichnaya Gold Vodka and SOHO, the world’s best selling lychee liqueur.

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Kir Royale

This classic French aperitif calls for champagne classics Dom Perignon, Cristal or the newer yet very well-received Ace of Spades.

Rachael Bryant, and the other MY Starfire stewardesses, await your arrival aboard MY Starfire with a cocktail in hand.

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