Top Anchor Spots for Swimming for Superyacht Charters

Superyacht charters are never more luxurious then when you can drop anchor somewhere in the midst of the turquoise depths and dive straight into the welcoming waters. Whether its dropping anchor with a glorious view of pretty villages strung like pearls onto golden cliffs, or choosing somewhere where the jungle fringes champagne colored sand, the essence of freedom can be found in the shimmering surface, the wide open oasis of space and the heavenly luxury of having the ocean as your backyard. My Starfire boasts a warm teak sundeck perfect for plunging straight into the waters to welcome the day or for a moonlit swim when the seas are calm and the stars are bright. Those seeking the best spots to drop anchor and get deliciously salty will adore these patches of pure blue across the breath of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

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Navagio Beach, Greece
Imagine a place where dramatic chalky white cliffs soar into the blue sky, where they wrap around a sheltered cove comprised of pure white sands and gentle waters of iridescent blue. Navagio Beach is the poster child of Greece and one of the reasons that travelers seek the Holy Grail of incredibly blissful beaches. MY Starfire is one of those gorgeous superyacht charters that knows the way, drop anchor just off the island of Zakynthos and sip a morning mimosa with a staggering view of the smugglers shipwreck torn and chewed upon the sands. In the early morning you can splash and swim in pure waters without another soul in sight, and in the high heat of the afternoons the cliffs gift a sweep of shade across the sand to keep you cool as you siesta.

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Pink Beach, Barbuda
Crushed coral blends with silky grains of fine white sand to make the enchanting beauty of Pink Beach in Barbuda, the bones of a thousand seashells shimmer and glow like a jeweler’s display of rose quartz beneath the balmy Caribbean sky. Throw into the mix a sea that is as calm as a mirror and the color of polished aquamarine with a silvery tint, and suddenly you have stumbled upon a place to call paradise. Drop anchor of the coast with My Starfire and spend glorious afternoons snorkeling and diving to discover the delights that lie beneath. Climbing out sun kissed and brimming with smiles a member of the crew is there to hand you an ice cold beer and warm fluffy towel. This is what superyacht charter dreams are made of.

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Zlatni Rad Beach, Croatia
Ancient, austere and swimming in beauty, these are just a handful of reasons as to why Croatia is becoming one of the hottest luxury superyacht charter destinations. Those who need further convincing only need to lay eyes on the unique grace of Zlatni Rad Beach. A long golden tip reaches like a finger out into the cobalt blue oasis of Adriatic Sea, a fragrant green forest sits like an emerald ring, and superyachts leave silvery tracks along the surface of the water. This is the perfect spot to drop anchor and take the kayak from MY Starfire to the slip of sand or to drop below the surface with the whizzing sea bob for a crystal clear look at the shoals that flit to and fro. Later you can climb back onboard for a delectable dinner paired with some of Croatia’s finest wines to sip and swirl as you watch the lights blink back on the bay.

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Les Salines, Martinique
Les Salines is paradise lost, a Caribbean gem with all the right intoxicating ingredients to ensure that you never want to leave. Waves are clear and seem to whisper as they roll onshore, the sand feels soft and warm underfoot and the jungle echoes with the sound of exotic birds inviting you in to the cool like glen of the shade. As soon as you glimpse the fairy tale spot of Martinique you will want to do nothing but drop anchor and lose days alternating between swimming in the mesmerizing hues, diving down to the bottom of the sun dappled sea and dreaming beneath the shade of coconut palms as you gaze at the jagged patterns of land in the distance. Ask the crew on your superyacht charter to whip you up a coconut rum cocktail and remind yourself what tropical living is all about.

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Rabbit Beach, Sicily
Superyacht charter guests who dream of salt water and the scent of lemons, sands so remote you can’t see another footprint and waters so unequivocally blue you would swear that you are dreaming, will find love at first sight with Rabbit Beach on the teeny tiny island next to Lampedusa. Luxury superyacht charters to Sicily resound with lingering lunches punctuated with shots of limoncello, snorkeling in vibrant waters and watching the last rays of sun flicker like fire over the golden carved cliffs. On the shores of Rabbit Beach you will find loggerhead turtles nesting in the creases or bumbling down to the waters. In the sweet summer months this is the perfect spot for a romantic moonlight swim from the deck of MY Starfire before returning for a nightcap and flopping down into a cloud like bed in the master cabin.

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