Top Casinos for Living the High Life on your Superyacht Charter

Take a walk with lady luck, roll the dice and lay your cards out on the table on your next superyacht charter adventure. Whether it’s tasting the joie de vivre on the slick and sassy shores of Monaco, sipping rum and tossing coins in the deep heat of the Caribbean or sitting back onboard with the poker chips and a glass of age old scotch, sometimes you can’t beat a good old fashioned gamble to bring a splash of spice into your world.

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MY Starfire sails along the coast of Old World Europe and into the sugar-spun sands of the Caribbean and the far-flung globe, with an onboard spa, outdoor cinema, and world-class chef ensuring you stay satiated and entertained this can be the only way to experience the high life. Yet for those evenings when you feel like testing the gods, throwing caution to the wind and simply having a good time, we have collected the top casinos that you can swing by on your superyacht charter.

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Casino de Monte Carlo – Monaco

Superyachts, sun and plenty of opportunity to splash the cash are what living it up in Monaco is all about. The pearl of the French Riviera, Monaco has long been the preferred playground of the wise and the wealthy. At the Casino de Monte Carlo, you can indulge in a touch of class and old world heritage in a building that is nothing short of a grand affair. Hailed as one of the most famous and beloved casinos in the world you can be sure that spirits are always high, patrons are well dressed and champagne flowing. Black Jack, Crabs, Roulette and the bright zing of the slot machines are all on offer for the well-heeled gamer who adores a touch of twenties fashion in a truly sublime setting.

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Casino Lisboa – Portugal

The capital of Portugal is steeped in timeless charm, deep-rooted culture, and a generous splash of history and all this seems to be encapsulated in the Casino Lisboa. Celebrating its 9th anniversary and one of the biggest casinos in the world, this is the perfect place to rouse your spirits after a day soaking up the balmy weather on the deck of your superyacht. Grab a sophisticated long drink and gaze out from the terrace onto the floor, watch a live show in the impressive Ocean’s Auditorium and enjoy intimate Asian cuisine in the restaurant. When it’s time to throw the dice you will find the usual suspects alongside plenty of slots and even high powered poker games in action.

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Atlantis Resort – Bahamas

Balmy Bahamas days on the bliss of MY Starfire tempt you to discover another side of paradise. Sailing along the stretch of secret coves, snorkeling with turtles and sipping fresh coconut rum in the shade of the palms ensure that when the evening settles in you are as bright as a button and ready to hit the town. On the aptly named Paradise Island, you can find the glitz and the glamor of the Atlantis Resort and Casino sitting pretty against the limpid blue of the soft lit lagoon. No less than 75 gaming tables and over 700 slot machines make up the impressive circuit and tempt you in to try your hand. Beautifully adorned and with an A-list crowd looking to place their bets you can be sure of high-class action on the shores of the Atlantis Resort.

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Hard Rock Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

The light sea breezes of the Dominican Republic provide the perfect respite for swimming, snorkeling and soaking up the local vibes. After spending the day taking the Jet Ski’s out from MY Starfire and discovering the secret powdery sand beaches you can dress to impress and hit the young and happening Hard Rock Casino. Operating like its own small city you can find sparkling swimming pools, a plethora of restaurants, colorful cocktails gliding past on silver trays and plenty of high flyers upping the stakes at the gamer’s tables. VIP rooms offer prestigious platforms to perfect your poker face, slots ring out against the laughter that oozes into the sultry night and the lush greenery that surrounds you is a constant reminder that you are indeed in paradise.

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MY Starfire

If you don’t feel like stepping out into the casinos then why not let the casino come to you! The captain and his crew of MY Starfire can curate the perfect replica casino environment onboard your own private superyacht. Invite your friends, don your classiest getup and let the chips do the talking. Imagine the shotgun stars shooting across the sky, a live band playing on deck, the roll of the dice and a celebratory dip in the Jacuzzi with a bottle of the finest vintage champagne, that’s what we call living the high life.

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