Top Ten Reasons To Charter A Superyacht

Luxury amenities, privacy and spectacular views – that’s probably what comes to mind when you think of superyachts, but they offer even more than that. Superyachts have the hospitality, space and comfort ideal for any occasion, whether for you or your guests. From business to adventure and romance, Captain Sputh curates the top 10 reasons to charter a superyacht.


Corporate Yacht Charter

A luxury corporate yacht charter offers the perfect private setting to entertain clients or employees, host important meetings and events. Instead of being stuck in an office, corporate yachts give you the opportunity to get away while still having access to conference rooms, meeting spaces, Internet access and privacy. After the meetings, your guests can enjoy exceptional dinners while networking and building relationships.


MY Starfire - main deck aft


Family Yacht Charter

These days, technology and busy work lives can make it difficult for families to spend quality time together. Chartering a family superyacht is just what your family needs to get a break from everyday life. Enjoy luxury amenities, watersports, quality dining and relaxation, all while creating memories that the whole family will cherish.




Romance Yacht Charter

Nothing says romance like enjoying the company of your loved one in a luxurious, private and calm environment. Together you can experience breathtaking views, gourmet meals and enjoyable joint activities.




Diving Yacht Charter

After taking in the panoramic views of the ocean, why not dive in and explore it? Diving superyachts take you on an adventure into the ocean to explore sea creatures and stunning coral reefs. The yachts provide the snorkeling and scuba equipment – all you need to do is plunge in!



Diving Yacht Charter - MY Starfire


Wildlife Yacht Charter

Tired of activities? Sit back, relax and go sightseeing on a wildlife superyacht charter. Depending on where you go, you’ll be able to see all types of animals, from whales and moose to birds and bears. Experience wildlife in their natural habitat, without getting too close for comfort!


Nordic Yacht Charter

Head to the Nordic regions for a different type of excursion. The superyacht will take you to places including Alaska, Norway and Antarctica, to experience snow-capped mountains, glaciers, untouched lands, wildlife, whale watching, the wilderness and maybe even the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).


Nordic Yacht Charter - MY Starfire


History Yacht Charter

Travel back in time on a superyacht charter as it takes you to visit historical sites in one or more cities. By visiting museums, learning about architecture or simply sightseeing, you’ll leave with a better understanding and appreciation of your chosen city.


Foodie Yacht Charter

Whether you’re a food enthusiast or just starting to explore new cuisines, chartering a food superyacht will expand your knowledge of local foods, wine, cheeses, fruits and vegetables. It’s your chance to learn what the locals eat and how they dine.



Shopping Yacht Charter

Visit the best destinations for all of your shopping needs. You can plan your visits around shopping and head to various markets, boutique stores and local craftsmen.


Nightlife Yacht Charter

End your nights partying at the best clubs, lounges and bars a city has to offer – but do it in luxury style. A nightlife superyacht charter will take you to the top spots where you’ll enjoy your nights and maybe meet a few locals.


Whether you want to party all night or dive into the abyss, contact your broker or Captain Sputh directly for your next STARFIRE charter.


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Captain Carl Sputh

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