Turkish Delights by Superyacht Charter

A mystical land where Europe collides with Asia, where a turquoise coast glitters frayed at the edges with gold and where the sweetest treats sit in the windows behind where the beautiful people frolic on the sands. As a superyacht destination, it seems that Turkey is truly the land of milk and honey. From the crash of spice and Blue Mosque bells in Istanbul to the bobbing boats and ancient splendor of Bodrum, there is so much more to Turkey than meets the eye.

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MY Starfire can take you sailing into the past, can ignite your imagination with a feast of Byzantium delights and can show you the cooler, cosmopolitan side to Turkey that is taking the world by storm. With ornate surroundings, a beautiful sun deck boasting its’ own unique spa and outdoor cinema and a crew who understand the art of silver service, it’s time to taste Turkish delights onboard MY Starfire…

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Turkish Coffee on the Deck

Start your morning on MY Starfire with an infusion of Turkish grace and enjoy a thick sweet and syrupy coffee served just the way the locals like it. Nothing says welcome to another perfect sunlit morning quite like a Turkish breakfast. Sip the bold coffee curated the traditional way and pick at the honey soaked sweetness of a beautiful baklava pastry picked up from the dawn market as you gaze out across the skyline of the glittering Turkish coast illuminated by the dappled gold pouring down from the sun.

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Sun and Spice in Istanbul

The very city where the east meets the west, Istanbul is pure adrenaline for all the senses. From the second you step off the superyacht you are swept into a world of spice and sunlight. Meander through the Great Bazaar admiring the glistening colors of ruby paprika and golden saffron, press your hands against the cool ornate tiles of the Blue Mosque and wonder at the extravagant wealth of the sultans in Topkapi Palace. Whilst in the midst of the city you should be sure to stop by a Hamam for a traditional lather and scrub that will leave you glistening. Back on the superyacht you can indulge in an ottoman-inspired feast with the fresh dash of spices and sweet figs your chef will have picked up from the market.

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Antique Shopping in Kas

Treasures abound in the charming portal town of Kas and for those seeking precious jewels, hand woven rugs, ornate gifts from across the globe and lashings of Byzantium beauty, you can be sure that Kas won’t disappoint. Kas is a diving center and scattered with ancient ruins, in the morning you can dive from the deck of MY Starfire into the marine rich waters and in the late sun of the afternoons meander the historical sites of the Old Amphitheatre only a stone’s throw away from the golden coast of Greece.

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In the town you will find a string of antique and curious shops scattered along the cobbled streets, the Silkroad shop boasts brilliantly colored treasures including embroidered tunics, glass beads, dusty books and more. At the Friday market, you can peruse gorgeously adorned stalls for one of a kind pieces and slurp on one of the famous slushies’ curated from the pristine snows that sit on the peak of the mountains.

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Deep Blue Diving in Fethiye

When dropping anchor in Fethiye the tropical turquoise waters are ever tempting, whether it’s taking an early morning dip to shake the sleep from your mind, splashing in the bright afternoon sun or indulging in the breathtaking calm of a sunset swim, the waters are warm and welcoming. With such sparkling visibility and gentle lapping tides, Fethiye is one of the best places to dive.

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MY Starfire boasts its very own onboard qualified diving instructor who will take you down into the blue and show you a world of vivid color. Sharp reefs, steep walls and numerous drop-off spots into the abyss make this location an exciting spot for those who want to test their limits, yet closer to the surface you can find a milieu of painted fish, silver streaked eels and gentle turtles drifting about their daily business. After a morning diving session you can unwind back on board with a cold beer and a good book.

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Captain Carl Sputh

Captain Carl Sputh

Captain MY Starfire at MY Starfire
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