Types of Food Services Aboard A Superyacht

Fine dining always plays a major role when it comes to an exquisite luxury superyacht experience. Whether sat on deck beneath the prickled stars with champagne and canapes or gracing the lounge with a five course extravaganza you want seamless service, world class cuisine and every moment to be planned to perfection. Understanding the different styles of food services on offer aboard MY Starfire can help you to pick the perfect service that brings comfort, class and exceptional cuisine to your palate.

Silver Service

A flash of silver on the table, pretty linen cloth and well trained waiters serving you gourmet delicacies from rich platters makes silver service a prestigious dining event. Silver service is usually planned with formal rules that the serving staff will unobtrusively follow. Also known as butler service, this is an exceptional dining choice for intimate dinner parties on board your luxury superyacht.


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American Service

For less formal events when you want your cuisine catered, prepared and plated in the kitchen, the American service is a simple choice. Servers will approach guests from the left and will ensure that the table is cleared from the right. Functional, easily maintained and incredibly efficient, American service is always a firm favorite for everyday dining.


Understanding the Different Types of Food Services 2

English Service

Charming, traditional and warm-hearted the English style service, also known as family service brings everyone together. The host will sometimes play an essential role by carving the meat and the distinguished guest of honor is always the first to be waited on and served to provide a respectful welcome. This is a fabulous choice for special events or when you have select guests on-board.


Understanding the Different Types of Food Services 3

French Service

For those who enjoy everything in their proper place with a fabulous French finish then this is the way to dine. French service is a premium style of elegant service and diners can expect their delightful dishes finished in front of their eyes on a gueridon cart. Waiters will then proceed to offer each dish to the guests to help themselves. The flair that comes with French service is unrivaled and has a certain royal court feel to the event.


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Buffet Service

Dazzling edible displays, plenty of choice and a relaxed feel with minimum fuss comes with elegant buffet service on-board your luxury superyacht. This can be the perfect style of service for breakfasts, long lunches and large evening soirees. Guests can select the dishes that tempt them the most and enjoy table-side beverage service at their whim.


Understanding the Different Types of Food Services 5

Russian Service

Russian service is the tour de force of luxurious dining and the perfect high class choice for long and luscious dinner parties that seep well into the moonlit hours. This style of dining has as much flair and finesse as French service but contrasts in that silver platters are carried out all at once. Service is of course exceptional and every guest can bask in the personal attention and decadent displays that accompany this stellar food service.

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