Valentine’s Day Destinations for a Superyacht Charter

With the chill winds of February comes the promise of spring and the bounding grace and beauty of true love as St. Valentines starts to coyly pull lovers into a tumbling romance. There can be no greater way to celebrate your love than to cut yourself free and sail away on a luxury superyacht charter into the orange flames of the setting sun. MY Starfire is all about the decadence of romance, your own private oasis adrift in the deep velvet blue. This is the time for couple’s massages at the onboard spa, for vintage champagne in the Jacuzzi, for curling up and watching romantic movies on the silver screen at the open deck cinema, and for secluded picnics on desert island shores. For those who want to celebrate the beauty of their love, these Valentine’s Day destinations on a superyacht charter are sure to have you hot under the collar.

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Anguilla, Caribbean

Watch blue herons skim along the surface of the salt ponds, kayak around the deserted coves, hike through tropical rainforests where wildflowers bloom, and dine on Grand Cru Burgundy wine and roast lobster at celebrity favorite Blanchard’s. Anguilla is the ultimate Caribbean escape without the bustling ports, the duty free crowds, and the endless sun worshippers. Drop anchor on your luxury superyacht charter and spend the day splashing and snorkeling in the corals, running barefoot on powder white sands, and sipping rum inspired cocktails as you watch the sun sink fat and happy into the arms of the bright blue sea. For days when you want a little more excitement, MY Starfire comes jam packed with endless water toys and tenders to tempt your more intrepid side.

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Venice, Italy

Lofty basilicas peeking above glittering blue lagoons, old women making lace with crumpled paper bag faces, the shadowy footsteps of Casanova leading to old wine haunts, and pretty piazzas throwing their light across the water as they murmur with the sounds of late night life. For luxury super yacht charters this is one of those destinations that rouses you from the most beautiful of dreams. Even in February aboard MY Starfire you can sip prosecco in the warmth of the state room, enjoy a sauna and steam bath, and wrap up warm to take a gondola ride along the ribbon like canals. Sip a frothy coffee in the gorgeous square of St. Marks, buy a beautiful feather and sequin mask, and then slip into any of the charming little restaurant nooks like Alle Testiere.

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Dominica, Caribbean

Soaked in wild and pristine rainforest, splashed with azure hues of the warmest waters in the West Indies, and covered head to toe in national parks – this is the place for getting back to nature. Those lovers who want to escape the dressed up feel of tourism will feel as though they have sailed into Eden when dropping anchor in Dominica. Take the kayaks from MY Starfire and head out around the dramatic coast, trek through the jungles where wild birds sing a lullaby from the thick green canopy, and take the tender out away from your super yacht charter to watch whales splash like thunder out in the deeper blue. Secluded waterfalls abound in Dominica ensuring that you can pack a gourmet picnic, strip off and cool down in sheer romantic style.

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Pantelleria, Sicily

Romantic Sicily, whilst other couples may flock to the glitz of Palermo, you can head a little further south and closer to the wild heart of Africa. Pantelleria doesn’t doll herself up to look like your usual dreamy desert islands, instead she is a wilderness like paradise. Caper bushes, creeping vines, bubbling mud baths, jagged coves boasting incredible blue waters and hordes of marine life, and a remoteness that you want to sink right into. Combine the lost echo feeling of the island with the cozy comfort of your own super yacht and you have a match made in heaven. Blustery walks along the trails followed by a delectable champagne brunch and an afternoon curled up together on deck, this is how you find your way back to sheer romance.


Valentine’s Day Destinations for a Superyacht Charter my starfire

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