What to do in Corsica on a Superyacht Charter

Hailed as the island of beauty, Corsica is one of those places that seems to weave into your dreams, filling your mind with visions of warm blue misty waters, ancient capitals clinging to dramatic burnt cliffs, great citadels perched up high, winding roads that go forever, and French gastronomy that knows how to satiate the senses and leave you almost weeping with joy. Sailing a luxury superyacht charter to Corsica can be a mesmerizing experience from the second you glide out of the port. In Corsica the waters are clean and crystal clear making them an incredible spot for snorkeling and diving down to the bottom of the sea bed. You can glide through the gorgeous UNESCO wonder of the Gulf of Porto, you can kayak beneath the majestic rising power of the red rose cliffs of Calanques, and you can drop anchor and swim to the lovely luminescent beaches of Porto Vecchio. My Starfire knows these waters well and can take you on a sweeping journey to lands as old as time and to places where the culture is so rich it soaks in the soil beneath your feet. Sleep in soft feather beds, soak in hot tubs on the deck, and let the world class crew, captain and chef take care of your every need when sailing through the fairytale of Corsica.

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The beauty of Bonifacio can be spotted from the second you glide into the warm waters of Corsica. Clinging to the top of the cliff the jumble of stony colored buildings seem to flare beneath the sun like gold. Take the tender into town and wander the maze of close knit cobbled streets, silent chapels and charming medieval houses that huddle together for fear of falling down the steep ravine and into the sea. Duck into the lovely boutiques, stand in awe at the 15th century marble tabernacle in the Eglise Sainte-Marie-Majeure and dine on a delectable lunch of goat cheese, honey and the golden glow of wine.

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Scandola Nature Reserve
A place plucked from the heavens, hailed as one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Corsica and beyond, Scandola Nature Reserve is a sight for sore eyes with its impressive rising cliffs of gold, its deep blue depths that change from navy to turquoise and its plethora of hidden coves. As the area is only accessible by boat it is perfectly set up for superyacht adventures. Being such a remote and far flung spot on the island of Corsica also makes it a wildlife haven, birds of a feather flock through the emerald cloaked trees and the waters teem with marine life. From champagne picnics on secluded shores to taking the Jet Ski from My Starfire out to discover the curve of the coastline, hikes in the warm green and gold hills and scuba diving down to where the waters grow cooler, the Scandola Nature Reserve is a jewel in the crown of Corsica.

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When it comes to the pleasures of Corsica it seems that Calvi is the whisper in the wings. Whilst Bonifacio may be the most beautiful and Ajaccio may boast the capital cultural flair of artistic finery, but Calvi seems to be one of the most dazzling places you will ever see from the deck of your superyacht charter. This is a place where the shoreline stretches on for miles, where the picture perfect marina swims with laid back life and lovely seafood suppers, where ancient and austere Genoese churches stand steeped in shadow and where in the summer months jazz music spills out into the streets and dances along the glowing promenade.



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Porto Vecchio
The beaches around Porto Vecchio seem to always attract the ‘it’ crowd, the sands can flock with sun kissed bodies and the sound of laughter as everyone sips cocktails and chills in the sun. Corsica blends the Italian finesse with the French joie de vive making it an incredibly hip and laid back spot to spend the summer months. Let My Starfire drop anchor around the woven blue, green and silver waters of Porto Vecchio and fall in love with sultry summer soirees, the feel of soft floury sand underfoot, the touch of a rippling lagoon in the late afternoon, and sup on fresh fish soaked in lemon and aniseed.

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