Charter A Superyacht In The Sea Of Marmara

Connecting the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea, the Sea of Marmara provides a unique opportunity to explore Turkey’s fascinating coastline from the luxuries of a superyacht.  From indulging in Turkish delicacies to exploring ancient ruins, the Sea of Marmara’s northern and southern borders allow access to cities steeped in history and tradition. For a moment of respite, head to the Princes’ Islands or the Marmara Islands for stunning beaches on which to relax and escape the stresses of modern life.  Curated by Captain Sputh of MY Starfire, a 178′ superyacht for charter, here are six reasons to charter a superyacht in the Sea of Marmara this summer. Captain Sputh guides you to discover the region’s natural and historical beauty.

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A week spent in the Sea of Marmara should begin in Istanbul. The gateway between the eastern and western worlds, Istanbul has long been an important cultural and economic hub. Here the merging of different cultures can be seen all around, from the city’s stunning architecture to its unique cuisine.

Be sure to spend one full day exploring the historic centre of Istanbul on foot, soaking up the sights and sounds of this incredible place. For a second day, head to the Golden Horn estuary for lively entertainment, bustling crowds and gourmet food and drink.

Princes’ Islands

After the frenetic pace of Istanbul, retreat to the beauty and peace of the Princes’ Islands. The chain of nine islands provides some incredibly diverse scenery, so explore all nine and then settle on your favourite for a day of historical and cultural sight-seeing or of nothing more than relaxing on a pristine beach, depending on your tastes.

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Marmara Island

The largest island in the Sea of Marmara, Marmara Island features both ancient, beautiful architecture and natural, unspoiled beauty. Tour the island to admire it from every angle, before stopping for a day of exploration and a feast of the excellent regional specialities that the island’s eateries have to offer.


Return to the mainland for the last part of your voyage, beginning on the Gallipoli peninsula. Spend the morning discovering the inherent charm and beauty of Gallipoli before heading onward to Troy for lunch and an afternoon of being awed by the incredible ancient ruins of this historically fascinating city.

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Continuing the historical theme set by Troy, head to Myrina next to explore the ruins and marvel at the 4,000 ancient tombs that the site holds. Be sure to take in the famous rock-cut tomb of Intas, with its central chamber and impressive ten niches. Sample local oysters while in the area – since ancient times they have been locally renowned as some of the best in the world.


From ancient ruins to an ultra-modern metropolis, head to Izmir for the final day of the voyage. This waterfront city provides the perfect location for a day of intensive shopping and cultural attractions. In particular, don’t miss the iconic, one hundred year old Izmir Clock Tower and the decommissioned naval vessels featured by the Inciralti Sea Museum. Dine in style in one of Izmir’s leading restaurants for a fabulously extravagant end to the perfect week.

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Captain Carl Sputh of MY Starfire invites you to charter a superyacht in either the Caribbean or Mediterranean to discover excellence at sea.

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